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It’s a New Year… Are you Looking for a New You?

Tricare get fit for new years
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Of course New Years Resolutions have been made and at the top of most lists are weight loss and getting healthy. Is that one of your goals? Maybe you just had a baby and are trying to get back on track, or you’ve been dealing with stressful situations and need to find balance in your life. I know I can relate.


I came across Tricare’s new GET FIT website, check it out!

TRICARE has launched its updated “Get Fit” webpage with a new section focusing on monthly healthy living tips through slide show presentations. The presentations provide suggestions for activities and health information to help beneficiaries make healthier choices. Beneficiaries have the option to view or save the file, and there is also a healthy living tips archives.

Each month TRICARE Management Activity will introduce a new health theme to promote work-life balance by raising awareness and commitment to health and wellness. A healthier lifestyle can have many benefits, including increased energy and reduced stress. Choosing healthy foods and participating in physical activity may lower risks of health problems.

Making informed food choices and being physically active can help beneficiaries reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce their risk of chronic disease and promote overall health.  A few decisions can make a big difference in the health of a child, adult and family. Visit Tricare’s Get Fit for healthy living tips, links, games and articles.

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