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Italian Restaurant Guide for Okinawa Japan Marine Corps Base



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Fertile: Italian and American food for around 1300 yen.  Meals come with soup, salad, dinner roll, drink and dessert.  Open 11:30am-8:00pm (last order 7:00pm). Closed Wednesdays. 098-939-6500. Directions: Go straight out Kadena gate 2. Make a left at the 4th light (the corner where Top Embroidery sits). Follow this road past Mike’s Tex Mex on the left. You’ll pass one stoplight. At the first intersection past that first light you want to make a right (before you turn, there is a building with an orange awning on the right and an “Anew” store on the left). You’ll see a sign that s says “Boutique Paris” on the left. Turn left here. Fertile is on the right and their gated parking lot is on the left. Their parking spaces are spots 5, 6, and 7.

Mintama: The best Italian dining on Okinawa. Open Mon-Sat from 6:00pm-11:00pm and reservations are recommended every day. 098-958-6286. Directions: On route 6 toward Zampa, pass Torii Station main gate, pass a Max Value, a waving policeman, the turnoff to Rt 12, a JA, a t-shirt shop then…look for a red target/bull’s eye sign on the right hand side of the road. That’s it. Parking across the street.

Bueno Bueno: Good Italian Dining, easier to get into. Directions: Going south on 58. Pass Foster commissary. Turn right at the Lawson’s. Make another immediate right and another immediate right.  Buono Buono is right there (you should be next to a canal). Park on the street.

Pizzeria II Piccolino: Great pizza, cheap eats. Lunch comes with drink and salad. Open from 12:00pm-3:00pm for lunch, 6:00pm-10:00pm (last order at 9:00pm) for dinner. Closed on Wednesdays.  Reservations recommended only for large parties.  098-964-6464. Directions : 58 North through Yomitan. Once you see the MOON BEACH hotel on your left, start looking for a McDonald’s on your RIGHT. Make a RIGHT into the McDonald’s and come around it about 3/4 of the way. The pizzeria is behind McDonald’s, you can park in the back of the McD’s lot.

Pizza in the Sky (Pizza Kajinho): One of the best places in the world to order a pizza. The atmosphere and view is to die for.  Closed Tue & Wed.  Limited Parking.  Directons:

Take the expressway to Nago.  The expressway will merge into 58.  You can also take 58 all the way to Nago.

Go left on 84 (west) toward Ocean Expo Park (aquarium).  Set the odometer.  Drive 11.7 km.

Turn right on HWY 115 toward Nakijin.  Drive 1.1 km.  The road is windey and there are a lot of tombs.

Take the road that forks off to the right – there will be a short brown sign with white letters saying Pizza in the Sky.  Drive about 200 meters.

Take the 1st left.  The road goes under the bridge of 115. There will be another brown sign marking it.  Stay on the road until it ends in a T – about 0.9 k.  It is a windy 1.5 lane road. There will be a construction/ gravel yard on the left about halfway.

Turn right at the T.  There will be an immediate fork in the road.

Take a right at the fork and drive about 3-4 minutes, it will be on the left.

Arrancia: A very upscale and delicious Italian eatery. Fantastic pasta and bread. Open 5:30pm-12:00am.  Closed Sundays and holidays. English Speaking. 098-862-1602. Directions: Take 58 south. Way south, past Kinser, almost to where you would turn left to that big crosswalk and prefectural office on Kokusai Street. Keep an eye out on your left for the billboard that has two guys doing the thumbs up sign. It’s two streets before the Kumoji intersection (the one that goes to Kokusai Street and that big prefectural offic building). TURN LEFT at the thumbs up sign. You’ll see the 4th Street Cafe on your left and parking across the street from it. You can park there. (Pay when you leave). Walk towards the 4th Street Cafe, around the corner from it (walking away from 58/toward Kokusai) is Arancia. It’s covered in vines.

Marino’s: Fondue and Italian restaurant with pizza, cheese, soups and pasta. Great place for large groups and families. They accept dollars and credit cards now. 11:00am-11:00pm. Gushikawa 098-974-9110, Naha 098-951-3311, Nishihara 098-882-9109. Directions: From Kadena Gate 1 (hwy 58): Head north. As you approach Kadena Circle get in the right lane. Make a right on route 74 (the road behind Kadena). Keep going straight and pass Kadena Gate 3. Look for a sign that says 85. You are going to make a LEFT onto 85. The left is at the white pedestrian overpass (not to be confused w/ the highway overpass…it’s after that one. Another landmark to look for for where to turn is a cardealership w/ a crazy clown.) Continue on 85 about 5-8 min. (you’ll pass the big Co-op store and the Yellow Box) and you’ll see the big yellow San-A sign on your right.  From Kadena Gate 2 (I stole these directions from Kaho’s post. Arigato, Kaho.)  Directions to San A Gushikawa from Kadena Gate 2 (Two directions)

Leave Kadena Gate 2 and go straight all the way to the junction of Gate 2 Street and 330. Turn left onto Route 330. The Route 330 changes into Route 75 after a while. Drive until you hit the junction of 75 and Hwy 85. Take a left. San A will be on your left.

Leave Kadena Gate 2 and turn left at the first stoplight. You go down a ramp to merge onto 85. Drive until the T-junction for Loop 85. The landmark for this is a pedestrian overpass. Turn right onto Hwy 85. Drive for about 5-8 minutes until you see the San A sign on your right.

Arin Krin “The Garlic Restaurant”: Laid back, inexpensive restaurant with Italian flair. People recommend the garlic pizza and spicy fries; items come in smaller portion sizes similar to tapas. Open from 5:00pm-1:00am. They accept credit cards, yen and cash!  098-877-3971. Directions: Located right off of HWY 58 heading south towards Naha. From the Kadena area, you will pass Camp Foster and continue heading towards Naha. When you reach the Urasoe area, make sure to stay to the left and not get on the bridge.  PARKING: Parking here is quite difficult as the restaurant has only about four spaces. Make sure you don’t park at the building across the street. I usually park on the street around the corner (along the chain link fence.)

Gueuleton: French and Italian fine dining in a beautiful, romantic atmosphere. There’s a set menu for about $35 a person with five courses and children are welcome, but you may decide to have a night out with your loved one instead. Lunches are half price. Reservations recommended. Open for lunch 12:00pm-2:30pm, Teatime from 2:30pm-4:00pm, and dinner from 6:00pm-11:00pm. Closed Sundays.  098-933-7607. Directions: The directions are crazy, but if you know where the Mint House is you can get there pretty easily. Go pass the Awase Golf Course and follow that road until it Y’s. Stay left – take the 1st right passed the CALEB sign (the sign will be on your left). You will go uphill and you will pass the PACIFIC VIEW HOTEL. You will see the MINT HOUSE on your right and KANDAS GALLERY/BBQ on your left. Turn in there and GUEULETON is there with the trees covering almost the whole place.


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