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Military Lodging and Vacations

Military Lodging

The Department of Defense has lodgings all over the world. Next time you’re going on vacation, check out some of the military hotels to save some money.

Visit the Military Lodging Reservations website. This is a great place to book beach cottages on bases and more.

Free Days Into National Parks

Our National Parks open up their gates to provide a free visit for the military. Or you can opt to buy a National Parks Pass for $50 which gets you into any park, any time.


Cruises are great for your family as an all inclusive destination. I like to recommendCarnival Cruise Lines as one of the most kid-friendly and least expensive. Children ages two and older have free childcare through the Camp Carnival Program and after hours babysitting for those late nights out (for an extra fee). If your child is under the age of two, they do have babysitting available for a fee. Costco is a great agent to utilize when booking and can typically pass on a great deal and free upgrades to most cruise lines.

All Inclusive Family Getaways

Most of these places recommended by the Travel Channel can get pretty pricey, but mostly it depends on where you live and how far you have to go to get to the destination.