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Moving / PCS’ing in the Marine Corps

Called PCS’ing in the Marine Corps world. Moving can be overwhelming, especially when the Marine Corps has families move roughly every three years. There are some ways that you can make a little extra money. 12 week countdown list,  2 month countdown list , and a 30 day countdown list and another 30 day list here. Finally, here’s another great article to prepare for the big day.

One Week Checklist, Day Before Checklist, and Day of Checklist

Before you move, it’s always a good idea to take pictures of everything or video tape your belongings in every room for insurance reasons. If something gets destroyed or damaged during the moving process, you have evidence of the original shape of belongings before things were moved. Check out these moving tips from other military wives.

How to Get Started on Your Marine Corps Move

  1. Visit Move.mil  If you don’t have a login, you will need one created.  There are a few things you need to know before you try and start this process.
    1. Use the latest versions of Internet Explorer ONLY. No Chrome, No Safari (NO MAC) etc.  It is highly recommended that you avoid trying to do the move with anything other than Firefox.
    2. If you use Internet Explorer:
      • Go to Tools, Compatibility View, Settings.
      • Under add this website: *.army.mil and update
      • Then click on the gear, internet options, delete temporary internet files and cookies/data, then delete
      • Close the browser
      • Reopen and then sign in.
    3. When entering your shipment into the system, put the zoom of 100% otherwise you won’t be able to click OK for your current and future addresses.
    4. If you’re having an issue with orders, put the zoom to either 150% or 200% (you may have to try both) or you won’t be able to select the moving locations of to and from. My computer kept locking up on me and the helpline relayed this is the way to fix it.
    5. If you are having problems online, you may go directly into DMO and use their computers and ask questions to start this process.  No appointment is needed, just show up during working hours. Or try to use Firefox and start over.
  2. Click on DOD Service Members and Civilians (dark pink box) to get some good “before you start” information.
  3. Click on DPS Login prompts and accept the agreement.
  4. Click on the Red Box “To Begin Self Counseling Click Here”
  5. Under the counseling menu on the left, click on “Customer Profile” and make sure all your information is correct.
  6. Then click on “My Orders”  Web Orders are the same as Hard Orders. If you’re like me, I was very confused with the difference between Hard and Web Orders.
    1. Order Number:  Put in the number shown at the Customer Identification Code (middle, left side)
    2. Order Date: Date listed in the top box.
    3. Issuing Orders: The unit where you are currently stationed, is the issuer.
  7. Finish filling out all the necessary information.  If you want to do a partial DiTy (highly recommended) then call your local DMO (formerly known as TMO office after submitting the paperwork).


Moving with Pets

Did you know there are several organizations out there to help move your pet if you’re in financial need?


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