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Scholarships for Military Children, Military Spouses or Veterans

Trying to save up money and pay for school can seem like an uphill battle. However, there are plenty of scholarships for military personnel, children of military service-members including parents, grandparents and more. Some of these scholarships are unit specific, so please check them out to see if you qualify. Remember that these are the most general scholarships available and that several smaller Marine Corps organizations or other military organizations offer state by state scholarships as well.

100th Infantry Battalion Memorial Scholarship Fund (Feb)

29 Palms Officer Spouse’s Club

531 Gray Ghost Squadron Association (Feb)

AFCEA Scholarships (please note there are several scholarships within this page with multiple deadlines)

AFCEA Nova (Anytime)

AMVETS (April/May)

American Patriot Freedom Scholarships for Military Dependents (May)

American Legacy Scholarships (April)

American Legion Auxiliary (February)

Armed Services YMCA (March)

Better Chance Scholarship (May)

Camp Lejeune Officer Spouses Club (March)

Camp Pendleton Officer Spouses Club (March)

Cape Canaveral Chapter of Military Officers Association of America (March)

Cherry Point Officer Spouses Club (March)

Daughters of the Cincinnati Scholarship Fund (March)

Dependents of Deceased Service Members Scholarship Program

Disabled American Veterans Aux Education (Feb)

eLearners (March)

EOD Memorial Foundation (Feb)

Fifth Marine Division Association Scholarship (Feb)

First Command Educational Foundation Scholarships (November)

First Marine Division Association Scholarship Fund

Fisher House Foundation

Folds of Honor Scholarship Programs (May)

Force Recon Association Scholarships

Frame My Future (March)

Gallagher’s Army 

Hanscom Spouses’ Club Scholarships (March)

Heroes Tribute Scholarship (Feb)

Imagine America Military Scholarship Program (Monthly)


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