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Military Pay: My Pay and Pay Charts

My Pay

Do you need help accessing your pay? Or your Marine’s Pay? You can set up allotments, change tax deductions and more here. Beware of other MyPay sites, they try to hack your information.

Pay Charts

Need to find out what you are entitled to as a service member? Need to know what you make as a Marine? The charts below can help you out. The pay is determined by the number of years and the rank of your Marine.

Click to View 2014 Military Pay Charts

Marine Corps Ranks, Grades and Abbreviations for the most popular ranks.

  • E1 = Pvt: Private
  • E2 = Pfc: Private First Class
  • E3 = LCpl: Lance Corporal
  • E4 = Cpl: Corporal
  • E5 = Sgt: Sergeant
  • E6 = SSgt = Staff Sergeant
  • E7 = GySgt = Gunnery Sergeant
  • E8 = MSgt or 1stSgt = Master Sergeant or First Sergeant
  • E9 = MGySgt = Master Gunnery Sergeant
  • (O1E through O3: Prior Enlisted extra pay for officers)
  • O1 = 2ndLT: 2nd Lieutenant
  • O2 = 1stLT: 1st Lieutenant
  • O3 = Cpt = Captain
  • O4 = Mhr = Major
  • O5 = LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel
  • O6 = Col = Colonel