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If you are married to a Marine, more than likely your Marine will be deploying overseas several times. It can be a tough decision whether or not you want to stay at the military base you’re stationed at or move back home to be with family and friends. I’ve done both, but read about some other pros and cons and make up your mind for yourself. Think about your support system and where you will do the best. Make sure you surround yourself with other strong military wives—don’t get caught up in drama or bad situations.

Should I stay on base when my husband deploys?

PROS: You will be surrounded by loads of other spouses in the exact same situation as you. When you vent about being upset or frustrated, people will understand. You will also have resources at your fingertips being on a military base. If you live on base, your neighbors will be checking up on you and offering a helping hand, knowing that your spouse is gone. You will make friends with other spouses in the unit and there will be other spouses to get together with on a regular basis.

CONS: You won’t have the comfort of having your friends and family around. This is a safe place for many and a good place to lean on others.

Should I move home when my husband deploys?

PROS: You will have your family and friends at your fingertips. You can potentially save some money if you move in with a parent, sibling or friend.

CONS: If you move out of your house, you will have to pack it up, move it, and store it yourself. Living with family or friends for six months is a long stretch; people will more than likely get on your nerves and you won’t have a place to escape to. If you encounter a problem and need military assistance, you will be on the phone and computer trying to get answers.

How to Read an LES

LES: (Leave and Earnings Statement). This is big and you will want to know this. When your spouse is deployed, all sorts of extra money will be coming your way and you will want to make sure that it is right. Here is an example of a deployment to a dangerous location (because this is an example, none of the numbers add up in totals because they have been changed off a real LES).

Buying a car or motorized vehicle while deployed

One of the benefits of being deployed for 30 consecutive days or more, is that you can get some great discounts on cars, trucks, or other motorized vehicles like four wheelers or motorcycles.

Military Advantage Program: (All Countries outside of US): Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Harley Davidson, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury.

Auto Exchange Online: (Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Bosnia and some others): Audi, Infiniti, Volkswagon, Nissan, Mazda, Landrover, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Victory motorcycles, Polaris

Military Auto Source: (All Countries outside of US): Victory motorcycles, Volkswagon, Audi, Nissan, Mazda, Infiniti, Landrover

Free Welcome Home Banner for the Troops Returning From Deployment

 Build a Sign: Since 2008, BuildASign.com has donated more than 240,000 Welcome Home banners to friends and family of returning servicemembers. It’s our way to say thanks for their sacrifice and service, and to make all homecomings a little more special.


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