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In the News: Kristine Schellhaas, USMC Life’s Founder


Featured on Army Wife Network Radio

Army Wife NetworkHave you heard of the Army Wife Network? They have a great radio show and podcast and I was asked to be their feature guest.  We discussed the differences between on Army bases vice Marine Corps bases. Listen in at 33:35 for my interview. We love our other services for producing podcasts for our military families. There are a great source of information!

Featured in Homefront United: Supporting the Military Community: Military Bloggers.

Homefront United Network

By Lauren Lomsdale. As a military blogger and writer myself, I understand firsthand the desire to lend support to those in our community via social media. I have always found it interesting to read what other spouses and/or service members have learned from their experiences as a military family.

In my interest to learn more about other military bloggers, I decided to interview a few that have inspired me to take my own blog to higher levels. These three women come from different backgrounds and their blogs/sites are all different. But the one thing they share in common is their desire to get information, resources, and ideas out to other members of our military community. [click to read more].

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