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How to Prepare for a Career in Law Enforcement

how to find a job with law enforcement after the military become a police officer answer oral interview tips and tricks
LEAD has graciously sponsored this post to provide a discount to our military and their family members.

You have served your country with honor & distinction, and now you have made the difficult decision to leave the Marine Corps. As you prepare to enter the civilian world, a myriad of thoughts enter your mind. What type of civilian work will I do? How will I get into the business sector of my choice? Did my training in the Corps teach me the skills necessary to get the employment I seek?

Some of you have made the choice to enter the law enforcement profession. This is a profession that mirrors many of the values you have lived by in the Marine Corps, honor, courage and commitment. A profession that pays well, has great benefits and an excellent retirement at the end of it all. But how do you get there? What is the road map that you need to follow to lead you from Marine to Police Officer? The stress of the transition can seem overwhelming at times….

We at Law Enforcement Applications Development (LEAD) are experienced law enforcement officers here to assist you in becoming a police officer.

We familiarize you with the entire hiring process from the:

  • initial application
  • written test
  • physical agility
  • background process and the
  • all-important oral interview.

Some of our instructors are former Marines and know exactly how to emphasize your strengths and guide you through the process.

law enforcement application development how to get hired by the police policeman becomeAs a Marine, you have learned and possess many skills necessary to be a successful police officer. You work within a rank structure, you wear a uniform that represents something bigger than yourself and you know the amazing goals a team of committed individuals can accomplish. You know the meaning of sacrificing one’s interests for those of the team and the nation. You know hope is not a plan; therefore, one must always train and prepare for what may come. You have experienced first-hand the meaning of courage and live by a code that stresses service to others.

It is precisely because of the strong men/women law enforcement seeks and the great benefits it offers that make it a great profession for many military and civilian personnel. It is these thousands of people that you will be competing against, so you need to have and edge. We at LEAD, know former military personnel make excellent candidates for law enforcement. So why is it so difficult for the majority of military personnel to get hired? It certainly is not failing the physical agility test, written test nor what the background investigation revealed. It is because most do not do well or simply fail the oral interview.

The failure in the oral interview is not from lack of knowledge or skills, but rather simply because of failure by the candidates to articulate their skills and qualifications in a manner civilians can understand. The oral interview is the first opportunity an agency has to hear first-hand from the candidates. If you do not make it passed this process, your journey is over for the respective police department.

We at LEAD will help you prepare to achieve your dream of becoming a police officer. We will guide and instruct you as to how to articulate and give examples of your skills, strengths, personality traits and values. Although our seminars cover the entire hiring process, we focus the majority of our time in preparing you for the oral interview, including having you go through a mock oral interview. Please visit our website listed below for more information.

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