Marine Corps Arlington Cemetary Photo

What are the requirements for burial at a national cemetery?

A number of Memorial Day ceremonies and programs are getting set to take place this weekend and on Monday, to honor the many fallen...
Donald Delaney

Marine vet turned cop released from hospital after gunshot wound to head

_informq.push(); Town officials plan to review operations at Motel 6 after a Braintree police officer was shot in the head while serving a warrant at...

Marine Corps to review raid on law offices

By JULIE WATSON Associated Press SAN DIEGO (AP) - Military criminal investigators raided Marine Corps defense counsel offices at Camp Pendleton, opening files during a 2½-hour...

Journey to help veterans find their path and heal their souls

A middle-aged man unfulfilled with his desk job at a veteran support agency gets the chance of a lifetime to make a real impact in the lives of struggling veterans in the novel "De Facto Pathfinder" by author and retired Army officer CW3 Cesare Giannetti ("Back to Serve: Return of a Soldier").

New commander of 25th Infantry Division hits ground running amid Pacific tensions

Oct. 11—The new commander of the Army's 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks has been busy from Day One of his new assignment after taking command in August.

Last F-18 training squadron is decommissioned at Miramar marking the end of an era

An air squadron that for 50 years has been training pilots to fly F/A-18 Hornets was decommissioned at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar during a “sundowner ceremony” on Friday, marking the end of an era for the Department of the Navy.

Marine Corps issues new guidance for leaders

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert Neller released “Marine Leader Development” in a continuing effort to help Marines achieve personal and professional success. Marine...
USS Arizona

Tours suspended on USS Arizona Memorial after ship hits dock

HONOLULU (AP) — Tours on the USS Arizona Memorial have been suspended indefinitely after a vessel struck and damaged the structure's dock Wednesday, the...
Ramadi Falling to IS

Iraq’s “will to fight” an issue especially after Marine’s sacrifices in the city

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Islamic State group's takeover of the provincial capital Ramadi is stark evidence that Iraqi forces lack the "will to fight,"...


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Afghans still missing in US but “zero evidence that these guys...

Two Afghan men who were training with the U.S. military are missing from a base in south Georgia, but officials say that they were...


Sister: Marine Veteran held in Iran renounces Iranian citizenship

By JEFF KAROUB, Associated Press DETROIT (AP) -- The sister of a U.S. Marine veteran imprisoned in Iran said Tuesday that her brother renounces his dual...

Marines likely to issue a new ban on cellphones

The Marine Corps is analyzing the security threat Marines' personal cell phones pose during deployments.