A pair of state-of-art F-35B Lightning II stealth fighters recently met their match in the form of actual lightning in the skies over Makurazaki in Kagoshima prefecture.
In May 2019, 1st Lt. Conor McDowell was killed on Camp Pendleton when the light armored vehicle he was commanding rolled over into a ditch while on reconnaissance as part of a training exercise.
A US Marine was found dead in his DC barracks on Wednesday morning, according to officials.
The Marine Corps is the latest service to release results from the Defense Department's annual housing satisfaction survey for 2020, conducted in December and January.
U.S. Marines drink cobra blood during Exercise Cobra Gold 17 at Camp Ban Chan Krem, Thailand, February17, 2017. Cobra blood and flesh are used as nutrition in a scenario where sustenance is scarce. (U.S. Marine Corps...
The Marine Corps is investigating what caused a steel shipping container to fall from a heavy-lift helicopter into the sea Tuesday off the western coast of Okinawa.
Update: Following the deliberation of the military jury, Gunnery Segeant Madera-Rodriguez was found guilty of hazing, making false official statements, conspiracy charges and involuntary manslaughter, according to the Marine Corps Times.
The Marine Corps has pushed back against Japanese public broadcaster NHK, which reported Wednesday that the U.S. military wants to release harmful contaminants into a local river on Okinawa.
U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. George R. Gordy IV, Commanding Officer of 3d Battalion, 3d Marines, speaks during a Navy and Marine Corps Medal award ceremony for Lance Cpl. Tercell Byrd, a rifleman with 3d Battalion,...
William Bender The Philadelphia Inquirer ATHENS, Ala. — Ryan Presutti was coming home for his birthday. The decorated Marine veteran had stocked his...