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Contributing Writers at USMC Life

Mollie Gross Ask MollieAsk Mollie: Click to Ask Mollie your questions: Neighbor driving you nuts? Husband leaving his combat boots on the table? From pre-deployment worries, deployment stresses to reunion fears.

Mollie Gross is a Military Wife Humorist. She is also the wife of an USMC Iraq War Veteran, author, professional standup comedienne, and motivational speaker. To see her tour schedule, buy a copy of her comedy audio CD, book: Confessions of a Military Wife, to read more Ask Mollie’s or inquire about booking; please visit her website. For a daily dose of comedy, join her friends on Facebook.



kathie hightower author military spouse journeyKathie Hightower is a longtime military spouse, author and international speaker. Her early complaining about military life forced her to do research on how to make this life work, research that resulted in articles, books and workshops worldwide for military spouses of all services. She and battle buddy Holly Scherer traveled from Parris Island to Camp Lejeune to Iwakuni and many other USMC bases to bring their Follow Your Dreams While You Follow the Military™ workshops to Marine spouses. Coauthors of Military Spouse Journey: Discover Possibilities & Live Your Dreams, they joined two other spouses to coauthor 1001 Things to Love About Military Life. For free resources and information check out Military Spouse Journey, and gain resources and success stories on their Facebook page.  Kathie enjoys yoga, hoopdancing, kayaking (the “peaceful paddling” kind), reading novels, watching movies especially Chick Flicks, and oh yes, red wine & dark chocolate.


Christi SmithChristi Smith considers herself the Zoo Keeper for the never quiet, always loving but sometimes crazy Smith Home. A gypsy soul with three beautiful anchors (aka the awesomest kids in the world) And one very tall. Very handsome guide. Somedays, she is organized. Sometimes, I’m on time and might even walk out of the house in a clean shirt. But most days, I find myself pulling out of my driveway wondering if I remembered to brush my teeth. Everyday, I question the sanity of any higher being that thought putting me in charge of another life was a good idea. This is my journey, these are my thoughts. You can read more of her thoughts on her blog.




Jeanette hails from the Chicago area where she met her husband Brad. After being separated from her Marine for several schools and experiencing the hardship of long distance relationships, they were reunited and have experienced several duty stations together. Jeanette and her active duty Marine have been married for six years and have two darling daughters. They are currently stationed outside of Tokyo, Japan at Yokosuka Naval Base.





A Girl is a 20 something blogger who began blogging in 2008 as a means of coping with a deployment. She is a Veterinary Technician by trade and loves her work in Emergency and Critical Care. She is married to a USMC Reservist with 10 years of service, whom she met shortly after he returned from a deployment. They have been married for four years, have three, very bratty dogs, and are currently trying to muddle through the aftermath of a difficult deployment for both. You can view her ramblings about reserve life and life in general at A Boy, A Girl and the Marine Corps: A Love Triangle, her FB Page, or on Twitter @BoyGirlUSMC.




Becki Odom was born and raised in East Tennessee and loves to get back to the mountains every chance she gets. After two years together and just a few months of marriage, her husband told her he was ready to follow his dreams and join the Marine Corps. So far they’ve made it through MOS school and are at their first duty station. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it. She has two beautiful daughters, one sweet cat, a another cat she feels is secretly plotting to take over the world. She loves reading, taking long bubble baths and baking. She and her husband have been married for just over 3 years and are stationed at Cherry Point, NC.




Teresa Mizusawa Blogger Teresa Mizusawa is an active duty Marine Wife who welcomed her Marine back from his second deployment recently. She has been married over three years and has been in love for almost six. Her Marine joined the Corps two months after they wed and insists that at times she is jealous of the Corps since she had him first! She remains a steadfast spouse who is faithful to her love, the Corps and her country. Teresa started writing with the hope that she may be able to share with others what being a military wife is like, and possibly shed some light into what this life is all about. She hopes that you enjoy reading her posts and that they bring you some solace and inspiration no matter where you are in your life. You can find more of her writing on her personal blog Semper Fi Gypsy.


Kristina Whitfield is a Air Force brat that married into the Marine Corp family 3 years ago and is a Texan at heart. Constant relocating is more of a hobby then a sacrifice and is pcs’ing from Okinawa to America soon. She loves to workout, craft, go to the beach, read and explore places with her little travel companion. After becoming a stay at home mom, she starting to research ways her family can save money without sacrificing the quality of life. Money saving research has become another hobby and she loves to tell about her finds. You can see more of her money saving tips, housewife life, and mommy tales at Phenomenal Housewives.




Ashley Strehl is USMC Life’s Beauty and Fashion Blogger. Ashley was born and raised in Michigan. She attended Central Michigan University and there is where she met her Marine. They both graduated from CMU and were married a year later. They have been married for four years but she has been a part of the military lifestyle for five. In that short time she has experienced duty stations on each coast, California being her favorite! She loves to run, drink red wine, bake desserts and anything fashion. Her biggest love is spending everyday with her little fashionista in training. Ashley and her family are currently stationed in Texas.





Marine Wife Author Alia ReeseAlia Reese has been with her Marine for over 14 years, married for 12, and they’ve actually lived together for 6 1/2! She has a Masters Degree in Psychology and is the author of the award winning American Hero Books® series for military children. These days find her chasing a very energetic preschooler and trying to stay ahead of a way too savvy tween while juggling research, writing, and taking care of the house while navigating the new family separation challenge of geographic bacheloring…. Follow her adventures in staying connected through everything military life offers at When The Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary and use the coupon code USMCLIFE at Heart Star Press to save 20% on an American Hero Books® purchase.



Lauren Saglimbene Blogger MilitaryLauren Saglimbene is first and foremost a wife and a mom. She loves maintaining a loving home for her family and dabbling in a little bit of everything, including cooking, singing, dancing and writing. Prior to being a mom, Lauren was a fitness professional who worked with athletes and people with neurological disorders. She has written more than 100 articles for LiveStrong.com and has achieved numerous degrees and certifications, including her M.S. in Exercise and Sports Studies and the designation of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Registered Yoga Teacher. You can read more of her work at Total Lifestyle Management.



Samantha Wagner has been part of the Marine Corps lifestyle for nearly nine years, alongside her active duty husband. She is the mother of a beautiful girl and a newborn baby Remington, the owner of two spoiled dogs, and an aspiring writer. She enjoys reading, writing, crafting, music, and never passes up an opportunity to spend time with her family. Samantha and her family are currently stationed in Indiana on a Recruiting Duty Billet.

NEWS: We lost Samantha on 10/31/12 several hours after she delivered baby Remington from an embolism. If you would like to help this family out by providing gift cards (Walmart, Target, Grocery, etc) to purchase diapers and other baby supplies, please mail them to: Katie Wagner, 3750 N Blue Lake Road, Churubusco, IN 46723.  You can read all of Samantha’s writings here