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Holiday Eating and Working on a New You


Did you catch my blog post over at Homefront United?


Child care and working out in gymsIt’s December and I’ve already indulged this season with savory foods, delectable deserts, shopping excursions and late nights. My waistline is increasing slowly week by week and I’ve decided that I need to do something before January 1st. Why do we all wait for the New Year to make changes? Is it because it’s easier to put it off until tomorrow? Or is part of it the ‘seasonal pass’ that we can do whatever we’d like over the holidays?

So many of us deal with the fluctuating hormones and food cravings, baby weight, and mood swings… it would be great if the military was better equipped to help those of us out on the home front. I’m a Marine wife and currently, childcare is not available on any of our bases (that I know of), but I’ve heard we have a co-op in Quantico and Okinawa. However, it seems to me that the military should be more proactive about enabling a fit military family.

The Marine Corps and other branches are tightening their regulations with out of shape military members. And trust me, I’m not one of those skinny girls talking about how they need to tone up or lose weight. I could be more healthy and I’d like to exercise more, but I have a two part problem. 1) It’s expensive to do the fun stuff at the gyms out in town and 2) it’s not really convenient or fun to work out on base.

Maybe other bases are different, I don’t know. I wish it were a bigger priority for our military to help set up wives for success with childcare, fun and engaging group fitness, childcare and I know I’m really stretching here, but what if we had a spa or nice pool? Would it really be that much more to implement these programs? I’d gladly trade some other services for a really nice gym. Let’s face it, men are visual creatures. We don’t want to look in the mirror and look at a tired, worn out woman and neither does our spouse.

Does your base have a good gym? What would you like to see with fitness programs in the military?

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