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Video highlights of the Mattis confirmation hearing: women in combat, F35 and more


On Women Serving in the Infantry and LBGT Policies

“The US needs to focus on a military so lethal it will be “our enemy’s longest day and worst day when they run into that force,” says General James Mattis.

He stated he has no intention of rolling back changes in defense policy that wouldn’t allow women to serve in infantry positions or that would stop LGBT personnel from openly serving in the military.

On the F35

Gen. James Mattis says President-elect Donald Trump isn’t opposed to buying the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Mattis says Trump just wants the “best bang for the buck.

On working with NATO

General James Mattis expressed unqualified support for traditional U.S. international alliances, in contrast with the President-elect.

US Under Biggest Threat since WWII

General James Mattis says the United States is facing it’s biggest attack since World War II.

On the Transition

Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis says he can successfully transition from being a military leader to the civilian role of secretary of defense.

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