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Have You Heard of MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers?


mothers of preschoolers MOPS moms how to joinFor years, I’ve heard of MOPS, better known as Mothers of Preschoolers, when talking with other military moms. I never joined because at the time, I didn’t have a preschooler. Then I found out that you don’t need a preschooler to join MOPS, they accept moms who are pregnant, have babies, or even moms with kindergartners.  Military, non-military: anyone is welcome.

A chance run-in with a neighbor and a last minute cancellation opened up a spot for me and my daughter. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this semester’s theme was “Taking the plunge” so I did with both feet.

The first day I dropped my daughter off in a classroom with other children her age and walked down to a room filled with smiling moms, hugs and welcomes with open arms. My MOPS meeting just happens to be at a local church, but religion wasn’t pushed on me, although there were religious themes mentioned. If you’re not religious, don’t let this stop you from attending a MOPs meeting… there were a diverse group of ladies present.

mom and toddler MOPS momMOPs isreally  fantastic. I met weekly with the loveliest ladies and got to know them as the semester trailed along. We listened to guest speakers most sessions which reflected lessons in life, parenting, relationships and more. Some weeks were heavier than others; some weeks were filled with friendly games and opportunities to get to know one another.

I can tell you there were times I was frantically running around the house, trying to get my daughter dressed and felt frazzled by the time I got there. But once I got settled at the table and took an opportunity to have a bite of food and a cup of coffee, I was able to relax and take a few hours to reflect on my job as a mother and wife.

The new spring semester is starting after the Christmas break, which means that if you’re looking for a great way to meet other moms, listen to guest speakers, and have a support group to discuss mother, wife, and parenting issues, now is the time to join! I highly recommend you look for a local MOPs group, click to find yours now!


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