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This is probably the worst Marine video for recruiting but the funniest ever released


The US Marine Corps is warmly reminding us who our daddy is this Valentine’s Day, in what might be the most brutally honest video they’ve ever released.

Posted around the crack of dawn this morning, the USMC’s official Twitter account provided a special video for all the Marines out there who don’t have that “someone special” in their life.

“No date tonight?” the post read, “We got you.”

The video shows a lonely Marine coming into work, noticing an empty office. Arriving at his desk, he notices candy and a card, and seems overjoyed that someone cares about him.

Of course, the card is from his gunnery sergeant, who is informing him that he’s been assigned to gate guard duty for six months.

It’s a creative, funny and brutally honest video that would make the best recruiting video in the world. The only thing it’s missing? The somber tones of Gary Jules’s “Mad World”

So if you’re feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, just remember- you could always be on gate duty, and the Marine on duty has no friends.

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