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Graffiti written on military recruiting billboard in Kentucky

Mike Fussell/ Facebook

A US Marine billboard in one of Kentucky’s hub cities has been vandalized to reflect the issue of veteran suicide in an irreverent way.

The Louisville billboard -which gets about 60,000 people looking at it per week as they drive by- shows a Marine navigating a course to the message of “Battles are Won Within.”

However, painted below the message in red paint is the graffiti message of “22 VET SUICIDES EVERY DAY.”

The incident was reported to Facebook by reporter Mike Fussell of WAVE, where it received many comments saying the message, while irreverent and harsh, wasn’t far off the bat.

The billboard is owned by Outfront Media and sits near on 2nd street just north of the Broadway street intersection, which is just under five miles from the Louisville VA Hospital.

“I really wouldn’t call that graffiti,” one commenter said. “More like the truth unspoken.”

In addition to being a high-traffic area, the billboard is a mere five miles from the VA hospital, increasing the likelihood that other veterans will see it.

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