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Got the Winter Blues? Maybe You Should Cruise!


What’s Included in a Cruise?

room on a cruise ship with kids
Cruise ships offer a variety of rooms. Our room was an inside cabin with us requesting this arrangement of beds.

Cruises have many options and upgrades from the type of room you book, to where you book on the ship. The higher the floor, the higher the price. We always choose inside cabins because we don’t want the light bothering us for naps or early mornings; it also happens to be a less expensive cabin as well.

Included in your cruise price is food, beverages including iced tea, water, coffee, hot tea, juice and more. The entertainment is free as well, so you can dance your heart away with a live band, or see a show.

Optional purchases include cards for unlimited soda and alcohol. Of course you can purchase the drinks individually as well if you don’t want to shell out the money for the entire package. You can also spend money at the casino, spa, video arcade or at one of the many shops.  There’s also optional wifi on ship if you need to do a bit of work or just want to post some Facebook updates while at sea.

There’s also a fine dining restaurant in the ship that you can choose to dine at. We opted to do that one evening and enjoyed the food and service.

Private dining photos private dining appetizers

chefs in the private dining room carnival
The chef and sous chef came out to greet everyone at the fine dining restaurant.

Finally if you want to book any shore excursions once you get to once of your many destinations, they’re worth researching. We like to study the ports in advance to see what areas are worth booking an excursion versus exploring on your own. The one benefit of booking through the cruise ship is that if something happens while you’re off on your adventure, the cruise ship will wait for you to get back.

One of the other reasons I love cruising is because I get introduced to an area of the world to see if I’d like to go back and visit for a further length. There have been plenty of places I once considered booking a vacation, but was underwhelmed once I actually got there. Of course the reverse is true where I couldn’t wait to go back and explore more.

Maybe you’re thinking of celebrating the halfway point of a deployment – you can get some really great rates for 3-4 day trips for a quick getaway… if you share rooms with other military spouses, you can pack in the savings.

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