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Giveaway: Courage Cakes for Your Deployed One


We’ve all had those moments where we’ve missed a special date with our loved one serving overseas. Courage Cakes created an inventive way to send a special message and tasty treat to your loved one. Their mission is to minimize the distance between the front door and the front line.

What is a Courage Cake? They are prepackaged cake mixes in jars that military families, friends or anyone could send to their loved ones overseas. To make the cake, just add water, stir, microwave for one minute and voila! Instant cake. This is a great idea if you want to surprise your loved one serving overseas for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or just because.

Even better, mail the Courage Cake to your loved one’s friend – see if they can prepare and surprise your loved one on your behalf. Add some frosting and candles in the shipment and make it truly spectacular! Even if you don’t know anyone to make the cake for your special someone, mailing one to them is an easy and inexpensive way to say I love you.

The only caveat to the idea of Courage Cakes is that you need a microwave to make the cake. Most of our Marines are serving outside of FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) and don’t have a microwave to make a cake with. Those who are at FOBs live drastically different lives than those serving outside of it. FOBS, especially those built by the Army or Air Force have facilities which offer deserts, ice cream, sweet treats and more.

Courage cakes is currently offering the “+one program” where they provide one free cake to Operation Gratitude for each cake that is purchased and either sent overseas to a military member or consumed in the US. What an awesome way for the company to give back and support the military. It’s also a great way for citizens who may not know anyone serving in the armed forces to say thanks as well.

How can you win a Courage Cake?  Simply leave a comment on our Facebook Page describing what is special about your loved one who is deployed to win. If you don’t have a special someone deployed, please describe a friend or neighbor who has a loved one deployed.

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