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Getting Ready to Move: Consider a PCS Purge


Have you ever noticed how much trash you have after you PCS? (This excludes the trash TMO actually moves) Our family always seems to have a ton of junk items that we throw out as soon as we reach our final destination and we are currently gearing up for our 6th move. In order to avoid this fiasco happening again, I’ve started what I like to call the PCS Purge.

How to PCS Purge

  1. Start consolidating and cleaning. The first step is to collect all of the cleaners of the same kind and combine them in one container to see how much you actually have. (I have no clue why I will have 3 open containers of Clorox) The second step is start cleaning. You can’t take it with you, so why not spend your final weeks in a sparkling clean environment.
  2. military move organizing before a pcs tipsTake one room at a time. Go into every room in your house and collect all of the broken, super old/no longer used, or things you no longer want items.
    1. Kids corner- Old stained clothes that are too small and broken/missing piece toys will just be a pain to unpack and aren’t exactly usable. Sort them into trash, sell, and give away piles and move on. (It’s not bad to keep a few sentimental items but there comes a point where you don’t need multiple boxes of old toys and clothes)
    2. Kitchen- Check any nonstick cookware for dings and scratches and throw them out. Flakes can get into your food or stick in the cracks. The same thing goes for those plastic storage containers that are slightly warped with the white spots where the plastic is burned. If you toss all of that before you PCS, you can easily purchase the new items when you reach your final destination. (Unless you are moving overseas, then you need to buy the new items and have TMO just bring them) That way you can cook and store food while you wait for the rest of the household goods to come in. Also get rid of incomplete items that are missing lids. Then move into the medicine cabinet and toss out all expired or specific prescription meds. That cream you have for that spot you had last year can accompany the unfinished bottles of antibiotics from three months ago to the trash can. Just make sure to dispose of them properly!
    3. Bedroom- Clothes/shoes that no longer fit or haven’t been worn in years needs to go. I know it’s hard but some fashions won’t come back and you never know how much space you will have at your next location! Check your sock and underwear drawer for extremely used items. (Hole filled boot socks are usually the first that need to go) Also clear out the linen closet for any sheets for mattresses you no longer have. Look over your accessories and see if there are any you can part ways with.
    4. Storage closet- Look through the boxes that have things in it that you obviously aren’t using. These are the easiest to clean out because you realize what you can truly do without, and you can look at all of the things you have been hoarding.
  3. Take out those knick-knacks. These things pile up over the years in corners, cupboards, dressers, and junk drawers. They are a pain to unpack because they have no official use therefore are hard to place. Yes you can keep the little Shisha you were gifted while staying in Okinawa, but the charger that goes to the phone you had 3 years ago needs to go!
  4. Get rid of the Junk! The best easiest to get rid of items are trash, sell, or give away.
  5. Trash- Take it out the day you decide to get rid of it. The longer you have it sitting in a corner taking up space the more likely it will end up back where it was.
  6. Flea Market/Yard sale- These are great because you can make money on the items that were gathering dust. If you are too emotional and can’t part with your beloved items for half price, then this might not be the option for you.
  7. Gift- Not necessarily in a fancy box, but giving items to goodwill or the base thrift store are easy ways to recycle the items to help others. Or you can advertise it for free and part with it that way.


Once you have cleared your home of junk, maybe use those cleaners again (waste not right?) and then relax knowing that unpacking will be a little bit easier!



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