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Former NFL athlete starts gym to help wounded warriors


Fixing broken spirits: This former NFL player created a specialty gym to train and rehabilitate disabled veterans.

…”I’m walking in the boot prints of the men in front of me. Pushing off with my right foot. My left foot’s off the ground and kaboom — everything goes black from all the smoke and dirt flying in the air.” Brian, a Marine amputee featured in the video.



“I’ve had over 30 surgeries. I can’t even describe how much that stuff hurt. And you go and you tell them, “Hey, this still hurts.” And they’re like “Well, you’re abusing your meds”, and I’m like… “I’m going to go buy heroin.” ” — Brian, a Marine vet featured in film.

“The time when I stopped in that parking lot, he [Brian] was severely addicted to heroin. He just got out a second detox and was going to bed every single night with a pistol next to his body. He felt like he couldn’t be the Marine that he was when he left our country to go serve, he was broken. Completely broken, a place that I was familiar with.” — NFL retired athlete David Vobora.

Vobora had a a gym downtown and asked the Marine vet to work with him, even though he’d never trained an adaptive athlete.

The two worked out together every day for 3 months.

“After going there regularly, getting stronger, getting healthier, my body pain decreased tremendously. My confidence levels changed. It all became a lot more feasible… I can do this, this isn’t impossible.”

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