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Final Countdown Begins: 1st Marine Division to take on Royal Marines in ‘Rumble Across The Atlantic’


Around the world Marines are united in their ferocity, esprit de corps and hunger for a good fight.

No such bond between international forces, however, seems to come close to the fraternal links between US “Leathernecks” and British Royal Marines.

The two branches -while obviously very different- are also united in their love of hand-to-hand combat, as evidenced by the first ever UK vs US Marine boxing match, which took place last Thursday at the Royal Marine Training Center in Lympstone, England.

The warm-up match drew a surprisingly large audience, with many warriors from NATO nations in attendance. With 16 fighters representing both nations, the transatlantic Marines took engaged each other in eight fights, consisting of three two-minute rounds.

According to The Sun, the British Marines won by a hair in the first match, taking the contest with a score of 4-3. This, however, speaks well to the US team, which was only recently stood back up last year after being disbanded since 2012.

The official -and arguably most important- match is scheduled for tonight at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. Known as the “Rumble across the Atlantic,” the event will be streamed live on the 1st Marine Division Facebook page. Proceeds will go to help families of Royal Marines.

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