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Female soldier says she can “whoop any Marine,” gets knocked out by infantry Marine


A cocky female Soldier who thought she could “whoop any Marine” at her Forward Operating Base in Iraq was given a lesson in what a real boxing match looks like- and was a sore loser afterward.

A video shows the female Soldier -who allegedly said she could beat any Marine at the Iraq-based FOB- square up against a male US Marine, who seemed more than comfortable taking her on.

The Soldier learned a valuable lesson that day, though it isn’t known how much of that lesson was retained after the Marine knocked her around like a ragdoll.

In the end, the Soldier was soundly defeated and displayed poor sportsmanship by refusing to shake the Marine’s hand.

Declared the winner, the Marine was effectively booed out of the ring, though his Marine comrades were more than happy to congratulate their brother in arms.

The video was filmed in Iraq, in 2007, and appears to be at a larger base.

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