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Female Marines Receive Combat Arms AMOS


ARLINGTON, Virginia — Female Marines who successfully completed training for ground combat arms specialties as part of gender integration studies will receive Additional Military Occupational Specialties (AMOS) associated with their training and may initiate the process to request moves into the primary combat arms specialties for which they were trained.

“Our Marines earned this. They volunteered, worked hard, completed the training, and earned these MOS’s,” said Gen. Robert B. Neller. “Given the Secretary of Defense’s decision last month, we now have the authority to award those qualified Marines the additional MOS, and we’ll continue to keep faith with them. Marines who are eligible and interested can now request to serve in those previously closed jobs.”

According to Marine Administrative Message 017/16, Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs will assign the appropriate AMOS for Marines who successfully completed ground combat arms training at designated Marine Corps schools.

“The Commandant and I are extremely proud of those Marines who participated in the two-year research effort in order to help the Marine Corps continue its ongoing gender integration efforts,” said Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Ronald L. Green. “Their dedication has helped us develop a well-planned and responsible integration process that ensures the Marine Corps remains prepared to answer our Nation’s call, while reinforcing our standards and Core Values.”

The Marine Corps took this administrative step to set the conditions prescribed within the Corps’ gender integration implementation plan, in order to facilitate guidance to integrate all jobs by April 1, 2016, according to the message.

In addition to officially assigning Marines a combat arms AMOS, the message also notes that qualified Marines may begin the process of requesting lateral moves to ground combat arms MOS. Only those Marines who have successfully completed ground combat arms training at a formal learning center are eligible to apply for such lateral moves.


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