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FBI investigating terrorist who was kicked out of Marines, plotted attack


California is safe from a terrorist attack on Christmas- and it wasn’t John McClane who saved us all from danger.

FBI Agents recently thwarted a terror attack on San Francisco’s famous Pier 39 after luring in and communicating with a Marine veteran who claimed he wanted to carry out a Christmas Day suicide bombing in the style of the Islamic State.

Friday, 26-year-old Everitt Aaron Jameson was charged with attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization after the fed -posing as ISIS affiliates- snatched the tow-truck driver up.

Jameson was reportedly “ready to die” and had no need for an escape plan, targeting the pier on Christmas Day because it was the prime location and time for an attack.

Booted from the Marines for failing to disclose his asthma, the disgraced leatherneck had only completed bootcamp in 2009 before the USMC kicked him. Despite his limited experience, he claimed he was “trained in combat and things of war” and was looking for gund and explosives to carry out his plans.

“Jameson stated that we need something along the lines of New York or San Bernardino,” according to an affidavit. When asked to clarify, “Jameson replied that he wanted to use a combination of the two (which I believe is a reference to inflicting casualties through the use of a vehicle and firearms).”

The investigation was almost blown when a blundering fed accidentally called Jameson, resulting in the would-be terrorist calling back and hearing the agent’s voicemail.

“After Jameson answered in apparent Arabic language, the FBI employee immediately terminated the call,” the affidavit stated. “Shortly afterwards, Jameson called the 202 telephone number, which resolves to a voicemail identifying the name (but not employing agency) of user of the 202 [area code] telephone.”

While it is unknown whether or not Jameson grew wise to the plot against him, he later expressed that he was becoming hesitant to carry out the attack and was quoted in saying “I don’t think I can do this after all.”

“In Sha Allah [God willing], one day I can,” he told agents. “But I can’t.”

Jamerson’s Modesto home was searched on December 20, turning up letters, material and other items which painted a sinister picture of a radicalized American jihadist, including an envelope containing the “Last Will and Testament of Everitt Aaron.”

The FBI claims the public was never in any real imminent danger.

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