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Explosions and MP tazing in Twentynine Palms


29 Palms front gate

Two stories rolling out of Twentynine Palms today are causing a few to raise their eyebrows. First a mobile home blew up last night, likely due to drugs. Next it appears that a military kid got tazed by PMO after not complying with their commands.

Mobile Home Explosion

An explosion completely destroyed a home at the Desert Oasis Mobile Home Park in Twentynine Palms yesterday.

The 29 Palms Fire Department responded to a call about 8:25pm after receiving reports of an explosion. Firefighters discovered that the windows and doors of the home had been blown out and the roof was separated from the walls, according to local radio station KCDZ.

The Sheriff’s Department Bomb and Arson squad were called in to investigate. They reported the explosion originated from the refrigerator, from what appeared to be drugs. The resident was away from her home at the time of the explosion, but denied she had any drugs upon returning to the scene. There were no injuries.

MP’s Taze Juvenile

Military police responded to a call aboard the 29 Palms Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center yesterday. The juvenile had been arguing with his mother, left his home and traveled to a nearby park on base, as reported by KCDZ.

The boy’s father showed up and confronted his child. It’s not clear who called the MP’s, but they soon appeared on scene. The father told police that his son had struck him in the upper torso with a closed fist.

When the boy didn’t comply with PMO commands, he was tazed. The boy was picked up by the local Sheriff’s Department and arrested the boy for investigation of assault. He was cited and later released.

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