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Entrepreneur Conference featuring Shark Tank survivors, Influencers from the Marine community


It’s a conference created by veterans for the military community. If you’ve been thinking about the idea of becoming an advocate for the community or an entrepreneur, you’re going to want to check this one out. October 22-24 — Dallas, Texas

Originally created by Military.com but shelved after several years, Army veteran Curtez Riggs is reviving the MilBlogging.com event and rebranding it as the Military Influencer Conference to fill a need in the community. Riggs has partnered with ScoutComms to bring this conference to the masses.

The Military Influencers Conference, presented by USAA will bring together military and veteran community leaders, entrepreneurs and digital influencers to explore opportunities to extend their reach, increase audience engagement and ultimately the overall impact.

Shark Tank Survivors

MilBlogging is holding a ‘Shark Tank Survivors’ Session bringing together 3 MilPreneurs who not only survived Shark Tank but walked away with partnerships from the notorious Mark Cuban.

HubSpot for Veterans Program

The conference has also partnered with HubSpot to offer a veteran’s initiative. If you haven’t heard, HubSpot currently offers THE BEST solution for entrepreneurs. HubSpot is the leader in inbound marketing and sales, and its world-renowned CRM, Sales, and Marketing toolset can now be leveraged by our current startups and alumni to grow.

In our ongoing effort to equip attendees with tools to enable their success, we are now able to equip you with HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales software at 90% off the cost for the first year — this is an average savings of $17,000.

Marine Influencers

The Marine Corps community is represented by a dynamic lineup of speakers. There will also be several speakers representing other branches as well. Here’s who you can see from the Marine community.

Duffel Blog’s founder Marine vet Paul Szoldra

Paul Szoldra

Paul Szoldra is the founder and editor-in-chief of Duffel Blog, an online military satire publication that now boasts more than one million unique readers each month, with content produced by a talented pool of 100+ contributing writers from every branch of service.

He’ll be discussing how Duffel Blog got its start.

Life Flip Media’s Eric Mitchell

Eric Mitchell

Eric L. Mitchell is the founder of LifeFlip Media and one of America’s leading advocates for veteran entrepreneurs.

He’ll be sharing PR strategies that entrepreneurs and employees can get takeaways from. He represents several big named clients in the Veterans space. Some of his clients include Dan Alarik, Diana Tsai, Matt Griffin. His company, Life Flip Media is the Diamond level sponsor for the conference and will be hosting the Social at the Texas Ale Project.

USMC Life’s Kristine Schellhaas

Kristine Schellhaas

Kristine founded and launched USMC Life in 2009 as a way to connect and educate military families during the daunting task of moving duty stations. Within six years, she transformed USMC Life into a marketable business with organic website traffic of 2 million visitors a year, and several million people a month through social media. In January 2015, Kristine sold USMC Life to Bright Mountain Media.

Schellhaas co-founded the #KeepYourPromise Alliance which pressured Congress to reverse the retiree COLA cut law, successfully passing the re-enactment of COLA just months later. She is the author of the award-winning memoir entitled 15 Years of War.

She’ll be sharing tips on how you can become a successful author.

Mommy Retailing’s Lakesha Cole

Lakesha Cole

Lakesha Cole is a mom, military spouse, business owner, author, and mentor. With experience in retailing and home-based business start-up, Lakesha self-published her first book, Mommy Retailing, this year to help moms discover how to use their passions, interests, experience, and training to start a retail business.

She’ll be sharing how she turned her passions into becoming a serial entrepreneur.

Pacific Record’s Recording Artist John Preston

John Preston

John is a singer/songwriter and Marine veteran. He has a hit song called Super Man Falls. He’ll make an appearance during the VIP social event.

Veterati’s Diana Rau (Tsai)

Diana Tsai

Diana Tsai is a born-and-raised midwestern gal from Ohio, alumni Georgetown SFS, tech and impact entrepreneur solving social challenges since 2006 with creativity, tech, grit, and optimism.

Cofounded Veterati with 2 amazing Marines, Daniel Rau (COO) & Thy Tang (CTO). Veterati is a tech startup solving job search for Veterans with mentor-matching software. Advisor to startups & nonprofits and mentor to Veterans, military spouses, entrepreneurs, and good people.

MilBlogging Agenda

Check out the MilBlogging.com Influencer’s Conference agenda. You’ll find something for everyone and best of all, it’s a great place to network and build camaraderie. There’s even a virtual ticket if you can’t make the conference. Tickets are limited, so get yours now.

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