Home News Drunk Marine releases fire suppression system in Kadena hangar

Drunk Marine releases fire suppression system in Kadena hangar


Fire Suppression in an aircraft hangarCAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — Air Force officials are looking into how a drunk Marine was able activate the fire-suppression system inside a Kadena Air Base, releasing flame retardant foam in the vicinity of at least one aircraft, according to the Stars and Stripes. The paper wrote,

“The incident occurred at 1:45 a.m. May 23, according to officials from 18th Wing public affairs. The Marine was arrested. Marine Corps officials said they would not release the Marine’s name, where he is or was being held, or details on any potential court-martial proceedings due to “policy and privacy reasons.”

Fire test

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  1. Go figure leave it to a jar head sometimes we just get carried away but in that case just a little to far i mean what was he thinking was he thinking he was gonna make it snow because it was hot out lol

  2. Dustin, work on your punctuation and terrible run on sentences before you talk smack about a “jar head.”

    Semper Fi


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