Home News Drill instructor pleads guilty to abusing Marine recruits at Parris Island

Drill instructor pleads guilty to abusing Marine recruits at Parris Island



Parris Island drill instructors boot camp

A former drill instructor pleaded guilty to charges of maltreatment and violation of a lawful general order at summary court-martial Wednesday.

Staff Sgt. Matthew T. Bacchus has received administrative punishment in connection with an investigation into abuse of recruits. The investigation, Marine Times reports, revealed found he is not guilty of making a false official statement.

Bacchus is sentenced to 60 days of restriction but is keeping his current rank, TECOM spokesman Capt. Joshua Pena told Marine Times.

Bacchus is one of four drill instructors accused of making recruits workout in a dusty, derelict building on Parris Island nicknamed “The Dungeon.” In May, reports Marine Times, Sgt. Riley R. Gress was found not guilty of all charges in connection with the case. Staff Sgt. Antonio Burke and Staff Sgt. Jose Lucena-Martinez are also facing courts-martial in connection to the abuse.

In total, 20 Marines at Parris Island could face disciplinary or administrative action following three investigations into hazing and recruit abuse. Marine recruit Raheel Siddiqui died March 18, 2016, and according to the Marine Times, two investigations were already ongoing prior to his unexpected death.

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  1. Leave them alone…they have the daunting task of making men out of mice…I went through MCRD in 1975 and I’m a much better man for it…I stand behind my Marine Corps…Semper Fi

  2. In 1971, when is was to hot to PT outside, they PT us in the old WW2 barracks, where it was hotter there than out side, it just made us tougher, never thought of complain in about the DI.

  3. My son graduated boot in San Diego. He never complained about the DIs. He told me the things that were done to them, but I know it was for his own, along with his brothers’, safety in combat. I pray that those recruits will never be deployed with my son. He’ll end up dead, because they’ll be too scared to get dirty or won’t be able to handle the dangerous situation they may be put in. Not safe for any Marine who has to be with them. Those recruits need to grow a pair. In all honesty, they should be charged for being pansies. Hope their MOS is administration or cooks. And no, they do not deserve the Marine title.

  4. Really, they made the little boys excercise in a dusty building. Have you ever heard of the pit? Mount Mother Do we have to make safe spaces? These are boys trying to be Marines, make them earn it the same way the rest of us did without whining and being upset that Mr Drill Instructor yelled at me, he pecked my nose off with the brim of that Smokey Bear. We need men and Marines not babies.?

  5. As my senior drill instructor told us,,,You think what we do to you here is bad, get captured by the enemy and see if they will let you use a stress card.hahahaha. go ahead and cry to anyone who will listen. I thank my drill instructors every time I think of this Semper Fi all true Marines

  6. The military is full of wimps these days. Could you imagine a drill instructor being brought up on such charges back in the 60s and 70s?

  7. Really, a dusty building? Sounds like prepping them for the desert! Abuse,really? Younger generation can’t hack it and don’t like being turned into a lean mean fighting machine!!!
    , Mommas boys…Just saying…..

  8. That’s what’s wrong with our world today they are making Marines let them do their job retired gunnery sergeant USMC sempre fi !!!


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