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Dolled on a Dime: Favorite Fall Trends for Women


Labor Day is officially over and it’s time to get excited about fall!

Fall is my favorite season to dress for. It’s all about layering, comfy sweaters, boots, scarves and… pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks! I realize living in Texas we may not experience the cool, crisp weather for a while, but that isn’t stopping me from finding some new fall inspired pieces to add to my wardrobe. Here are my favorite trends right now!

Feminine – This is one trend that never goes out of style and plays well into all seasons. There is something traditional about a great fitted blouse and skirt; it always looks polished and put together. This might not be the most practical outfit for us busy moms. Instead, look for a nice jewel toned cardigan to pair with classic denim that hugs your curves in just the right way.

dolled on a dime fall fashion feminine

Military – This may be one trend us military spouses want skip over, but don’t rule it out just yet. When I say military, it doesn’t mean head-to-toe camouflage and olive green. Look for details in outfits such as cargo pockets, epaulets, and studs…but avoid wearing them all together because then it becomes too much like the real thing.

dolled on a dime fall fashion military

Animal Print – Leopard print is probably my favorite neutral! I have it in shoes, purses, sweaters, tops, and skirts… you name it, I own it. Animal prints made up of colors such as brown, black, beige, and white makes it easy to match. You can pair these neutral prints with almost anything in your closet included stripes and florals.

dolled on a dime fall fashion animal print

Florals – I am so excited that the floral trend is going strong into fall. There is something so feminine about floral print; it makes any outfit feel pretty. To transition this trend into the cooler months switch up your summer floral prints from pastels to deeper autumn tones.

dolled on a dime fall fashion florals

Black and White – This is always such a chic look. It is my go to color combination most days because it can be simple or elegant. Pairing these two together you can build outfits with clean lines and bold patterns.

dolled on a dime fall fashion black and white

For more fall trends, check out our pinterest page!

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