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Disabled Marine vet charged with crime after painting apartment picnic table


A Marine, who faced charges after painting a picnic table at his apartment complex last summer and had his cased tossed out of court, won a settlement from the court.

A Prince William County Court awarded Mickey Triplett $6,500 for pain and suffering associated with being wrongfully accused of destruction of property after painting a picnic table at his then apartment complex Potomac Ridge Apartments in Woodbridge.

The veteran and retired correctional officer painted the table prior to a visit from his granddaughter on July 4, 2015. The apartment complex called police pressed charges against Triplett.

Prince William County Prosecutor Paul Ebert asked a judge to toss out the case when it went to court last August. Triplett then sued Potomac Ridge for damages.

“On Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Triplett appeared in Prince William County General District Court, this time as the Plaintiff in a civil suit, not the accused criminal. Triplett testified that he painted the table only to be a good neighbor. When Officer Vargas charged Triplett with a crime, he also served a notice to vacate the apartment,” said Jason Pelt, Triplett’s attorney.

Triplett said he thought the apartment complex pressed charges as a way to force him to move out of his apartment.

“I believe that the apartment complex wanted me out because I had complained about the bugs and mold in my unit” said Triplett in a statement. “They used this ridiculous charge to get me to move.”

Potomac Ridge Apartments owner Klingbeil Capital Management did not respond to a request for comment for this story. It has 10 days to note an appeal to the Prince William County Circuit Court.

“Mickey Triplett is an honest Marine just trying to do the right thing,” said Pelt. “We are very pleased with the outcome, Semper Fi,” added Pelt.

Triplett moved out of Potomac Ridge Apartments in August 2015.

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  1. Why would any company file charges against anyone for painting this table? Why would the evict this man? Why would they do all this to a disabled Marine? Does anyone know the nationality of the OWNERS? Just askin’


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