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Disabled Marine receives settlement after being beaten by Park Ranger

(USMC Photo)

A disabled US Marine has won $250,000 after a US National Park ranger beat and arrested him in California.

Sergeant Dominic Esquibel suffers from a permanently injured arm and partially shattered right leg and foot, all because he parked in a handicapped parking spot at the Sequoia National Park in 2012.

When approached by park staff, Esquibel was accused of not being handicapped, which prompted a response by the rangers.

Ranger Parrack was one of the rangers to arrive and demanded Esquibel show his handicapped driver license. Esquibel responded that he did not have one, as he didn’t require special equipment.

Grabbing Esquibel’s arm, Parrack inflicted pain upon the Marine’s old war wounds and caused the veteran to writhe while his wife watched in terror.

The ranger then proceeded to separate Esquibel’s legs with his feet, further aggravating old war wounds from his time in Afghanistan.

According to the Fresno Bee, Esquibel explained his injuries, prompting Parrack to investigate further.

“I told my wife to remove herself and get in the car so at least there would be a witness to hold him accountable,” Esquibel said.

Despite offering to show his handicap placard, Esquibel was arrested to an uninterested Parrak, who charged him for “failure to follow a lawful order.” The charges were later dropped.

While Esquibel is in pain to this day, he simply wants his good name cleared and for law enforcement to be more cognizant of those with disabilities.

“It is my hope that this will prompt other law enforcement to think twice before repeating the same missteps and causing further misfortune for others with disabilities,” he said.

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