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Dining in the Dark: A Valentine’s Date Idea for Home

Dining In the Dark a Valentine's date idea for home budget save money great ideas bestAre you scrambling for ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s day?  Maybe you wish you could give your sweetheart a five star dinner but don’t have the resources.  Or, maybe you’ve been with your spouse for a really long time and there isn’t anything you haven’t already done for V-Day. How can you make February 14th special?

Try dining in the dark.

Dining in the dark is gaining popularity in a lot of metropolitan cities. I first heard about it while we were stationed at Camp Pendleton because there are locations in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The dining rooms are completely dark so you can focus on what you’re tasting and smelling.

A prefix meal at one of these restaurants can cost upwards of $150. Why not try recreating it in your own home?

PLANNING: First, decide if this is going to be a surprise for your spouse or something you talk about in advance. Your decision will depend on the type of spouse you have. If your spouse doesn’t like surprises then you should plan it together, in advance.

EXPERIENCE: Second, determine the specifics of your dining experience. You’ll have to use a blindfold if you can’t make your dining room completely dark. Will you take turns feeding each other or do you want to eat at the same time? Cut your food ahead of time and eat with your hands if you both want to be blindfolded (place baby wipes or a few wet napkins on the table for clean up).

MENU: Third, decide on your menu. One of the benefits of dining blindfolded is simple food works better. Choose quality ingredients and focus on good preparation. Use a kitchen timer and a meat thermometer so you don’t over cook anything. Choose foods that are easy to eat.

When the big day comes, set the mood. If your dark dinner is a surprise consider leaving a special Valentine’s Day card on top of the blindfold. At the end of the card, tell your love about your plans for dinner and ask them to put the blindfold when they’re ready to begin. Turn off your cell phones and give each other your complete attention.

Don’t be surprised if your partner is uncomfortable being blindfolded and play it cool if they stop participating – You might feel like your efforts were wasted, but remember that Valentine’s day is about making your spouse happy. You can still enjoy your meal and good conversation.

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