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Dental, Prescriptions and Optical with Tricare

Other Care and Benefits for Military Dependents


Dental is not included for free, however, it is very affordable through Met Life. There’s two rates: one for the military spouse, the second is for when you add children. Once you add one child, it is free for the rest. Make sure that you really take the time to utilize the orthodontist policy carefully. You get a ONE TIME $1500 allowance per person. If you have started on your treatment, move and are not finished with your orthodontics, it is too bad, so sad.

Retiree Dental Program Information Here


You get one eye exam per year through Tricare Prime. Any glasses or contacts necessary will be on your own dime with the following exceptions. Make sure you ask if you get a military discount from your provider, many will provide one. Tricare does pay for certain surgical treatments. Check with Tricare to find out which ones those are.

Free Eye Exams for Babies

If you have a child aged six months to one year, you can get a free eye exam with no income requirements. This benefit extends to everyone, not just military families.


100% of your prescriptions are covered at the hospital through Tricare Prime. If you don’t want to pick up your prescriptions at the hospital or have a prescription for medication the hospital doesn’t carry, you can get 90-day prescriptions through Express Scripts mail order program for a small fee. You may also pick up your prescriptions out in town for a very small co-pay. Civilian pharmacies are $3 or $9 co-pay.

Life Insurance

Your active duty Marine has the option to sign up for SGLI, the life insurance offered at a very cheap rate. Your Marine can get life insurance up to $400,000. Spouses can also get life insurance through SGLI for a very affordable amount as well. Once the spouse is covered for life insurance up to $100,000; children are automatically covered for $10,000 each.


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