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Dakota Meyer and ex-wife Palin’s convicted stalker hired by Democratic Senator


A man convicted of stalking Bristol Palin -the ex-wife of Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer- is now working in the Capitol in Juneau, Alaska.

Despite being convicted of stalking Sarah Palin’s daughter in 2014, Peter Paul Ferrero has been hired to work as a page for the Alaska State Legislature for the current legislative session.

Convicted of stalking Bristol Palin, the ex-wife of Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer (right), Peter Paul (left) is now working in the Capitol in Juneau, Alaska. (Facebook)

According to The Alaska Landmine, Ferrero is currently doing contract work for Democratic State Senator Tom Begich, who has known Ferrero since 2016.

“I met Peter when he volunteered on my campaign in 2016,” Begich told the Alaska Landmine. “He was on probation and working on putting his past behind him and moving forward with his life. I’ve always believed in second chances and encouraged him to go back to school, and to develop his skills.

In the end he made the Deans list, found employment and, despite some setbacks, never gave up. He’s completed his probation, earned a law clerk certification, and, when he found himself out of work here, I gave him a small contract to research crime statistics and to help me better understand how gangs get into Alaska, drawing on his own experience in the system and his research. His research and writing has been good and I’ve been satisfied with his work.

If we truly believe in giving people a chance to be productive in society after they’ve served their sentence, then Peter is a good example of those who deserve a chance to be successful.”

Ferrero was arrested in 2014, after he showed up in Palin’s driveway. She reportedly knew exactly who he was, as he had sent her “approximately 1,000 Facebook mesages.”

Since the infamous stalking incident , Ferrero was charged with two Class C Felonies in 2017, after he violated his probation for stalking, assaulting police and trying to steal the sidearm of a law enforcement officer.

Dakota Meyer spoke out about the hiring of Ferrero by legislative officials.

“Talk about another low for Democrats,” he said on Facebook. “Hiring a convicted stalker who has tortured a woman through his actions and has PLEAD GUILTY as recent as 2017 to continue this. This is a man who was writing a 16-yr-old, telling her what he was wanting to do to her SEXUALLY. I’ve lived and seen first hand the psychological effects this savage has not only done to my ex-wife, but to her child.”

Likewise, Sarah Palin released videos of graphic audio recordings of voicemails left by Paul in 2014 on Instagram, to support her accusing Democrats of rewarding deviant behavior.

Ferrero was in the Capitol on Tuesday at an impromptu House hearing on crime and recidivism in Alaska, and took particular interest in the subject of keeping track of sex offenders in rural Alaska.

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