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How to Connect to Your Own Mobile Hotspot for Your Active Lifestyle


How to create your own mobile hotspot for your active lifestyleI’m always on the go and looking for the next thing to help make my life easier. Well I found it. I was introduced to the AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR which gave me my own personal mobile hotspot connecting to the network through my cell phone. Let me tell you, it was a life saver this month.

I had several meetings lined up and of course the hotels were not offering wifi in the conference rooms, but did offer an extremely slow version in the lobby. No thanks. I whipped out my wifi hotspot device, powered it up and was speeding through my emails, keeping up with social media and more. Every time I went to use it, it was completely reliable and turned on quickly.

The device was really easy to set up. It had a touchscreen pad and a few buttons later thanks to its virtual keyboard, I was good to go. My hotspot connected easily each time and I personally tested my kindle, ipad, and computer. They all saved the mobile WiFi device and attached to the network quickly and if you’ve got company, you can provide internet for up to 15 tablets, laptops, or other WiFi devices!

Maybe you’re like me and are stuck waiting for your kids to get out of class. That’s my life, two days a week. It bugs me that I could be getting so much more work done while I’m waiting there. No longer was this an issue and I quickly plugged in and did a little work and maybe even played a game or two.  Shh, no judgment.

But I have to say that I was most grateful for this week on Spring Break. My daughter’s portable DVD player broke just minutes into our five hour ride home in the dark. I pulled over and turned on my mobile hotspot network and started the process of downloading a movie onto my kindle. I handed the equipment off to my nine year old and took off down the road. He was able to watch for the download to complete and it was so easy to use that he figured out how to power everything off and set his sister up for success.

Mobile hotspot device = $49.99

Work and Play whenever I want = $20/Mobile Share Plan

Not listening to my daughter whine all the way home = Priceless.

If you’re on the go, living in the Barracks, or want the convenience of your own mobile wifi, you can pick up this sweet little device for yourself at your Military Exchange (available at the end of April) for just $49.99 with a two year contract.

ATT Unite Pro Netgear Hotspot Device
The AT&T Unite Pro Hotspot device is lightweight and small. It’s easy to throw in a bag and go.

The AT&T Unite Pro Mobile Hotspot device uses 4G LTE/4G connectivity when it’s available and uses Dual-Band Wifi Technology to maximize data transfer reliability and speed.

There are several plans available:

  • Mobile Share Plan = $20/month and shares in group data.
  • DataConnect Plan = $50 per month up to 5GB of data (example all of the following would equal 5 GB of data) 8,000 emails, 500 social posts with photo, 150 hours web surfing, 4 hours HD video streaming, 100 song downloads.
  • Not sure which plan would be best for you? Check out this Data Usage Calculator to see gauge your usage.
  • If you choose not to get a 2 year contract, you can still buy the AT&T Unite Pro Hotspot for $199

This little baby just got added to my toolbox of life hacks – I definitely recommend you add it to yours!

*Product Compensation for this post was provided by Netgear via MSB New Media.  All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.

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