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How to Create a Good and Lasting Impression at a Job Interview


In today’s fiercely competitive job market, it’s not always easy to nail an interview. Even if you say and do everything right, even if you and the recruiter seem to get along well… there are a dozen other candidates waiting outside to do the same exact thing. In today’s job market, you have to do more than just select the desired vacancy and submit an application; you have to make a lasting impression on the employer.

How to do well in a job interview

Research the Employer

Before your interview, take the time to get to know your recruiter and the employer. Find the recruiter’s profile on LinkedIn and find out what kind of projects the company is working on. Whatever information you can get your hands on will help you during the interview.

Look for Solvable Problems Online Before Your Interview

Check out the company’s website and social media presence to see if you can find any problems you may be able to resolve. Make sure that these problems are relevant to the position you are applying for, and take the time to come up with solutions before the interview. During your meeting, try to find a tactful way to bring up your solutions.

Scan the Company’s Lobby

The company’s lobby is a great place to get to know the company. Take a look around the room. Does the company have any awards hanging on the wall? What kind of artwork is displayed? This can tell you quite a bit about a company.

While you wait, skim through the industry magazines on the coffee table. This will give you a chance to get up to speed on any new information in the industry before you walk into your interview.

Observe the Recruiter’s Office

When you meet with the recruiter, it’s essential that you keep good eye contact, but try to scan the room as well. Take a look at the walls in the room, the recruiter’s desk and even their bookcase. People display the things they are most proud of, so use this to your advantage during the interview.

Find a way to connect with the recruiter in some way. Maybe they have an autographed football on display, or maybe they are a fan of soccer. Observe their office and try to find some kind of connection that will help you stay in the recruiter’s mind after the interview.

During your interview, you may also find other solvable problems that can benefit from your expertise. You may notice this in the interviewer’s office, or on your way into the interview.

Observe the Recruiter’s Attire

How is the recruiter dressed? When observing their attire, try not to be too personal, but do try to grab as much information as you can from what you see. Maybe they are wearing an alumni tie, which gives you the perfect opportunity to make a comment about the school. The way the recruiter is dressed will also give you an idea of their personality, which will help you conduct yourself in an appropriate way.


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