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Congressional Fellow arrested for bringing loaded handgun to the Hill

Duncan Hunter's congressional fellow Gunnery Sgt. Peter Boby, was arrested. (Credit: AP/Alex Brandon)
Duncan Hunter’s congressional fellow Gunnery Sgt. Peter Boby, was arrested. (Credit: AP/Alex Brandon)

5/6/2015 Update: Things may not be as straightforward as it seems in this case. According to Roll Coll, Boby had two loaded guns, 114 rounds of live ammunition, a military ballistic vest and two knives in his car, according to court documents.

Boby was first detained according to Court documents when he approached a Capitol Police barricade on C Street SW at approximately 2:07 p.m. Tuesday, in a blue sedan with North Carolina plates. Roll Coll reported, “An officer noticed a “green metal military style ammunition box” in the trunk, according to court documents that provide a detailed account of the arrest, and discovered a handgun inside the box.”

Boby and his passenger, identified as Elizabeth McCullough, acknowledged that there were guns in the vehicle and indicated they had come from the range. They asked if they could “leave the scene and take the gun home.”

Authorities searched the card and discovered a Glock .45 semi-automatic handgun in the glove compartment, with one magazine containing 13 live rounds and an empty chamber. They also found the ammo box in the truck which contained a “Kimber .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun with one magazine with six live rounds and an empty chamber, plus seven additional magazines, containing 34 live rounds; two Glock thirteen round .45 auto magazines, one with 13 live rounds, the other with 11 live rounds; and one box of Blazer ammunition containing 37 live .45 automatic rounds. Police also found a military ballistic vest containing five empty .223 magazines in the trunk, an empty Glock handgun box and two knives” as reported in Roll Coll.

Boby does not have a license to carry a handgun in Washington D.C., according to police. Boby has pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor charges.


5/5/2015: An active-duty Marine, who works as an aide for a California Republican representative was arrested for allegedly bringing a handgun onto Congressional property.

The arrest happened Tuesday after Capitol Police officers reportedly found a loaded handgun in Peter Boby’s vehicle during a routine administrative search.

According to the Marine Corps’s website, Boby is assigned to work in San Diego-area Rep. Duncan Hunter’s office. A Marine Corps spokesman confirmed that Boby is a gunnery sergeant.

According to Roll Call, a .45 caliber handgun was found in Boby’s car upon a routine search outside the Rayburn House Office Building. Boby was charged with carrying a pistol without a license, unregistered ammunition, and unregistered firearm, a Capitol Police spokeswoman said.

The Marine Corps did not offer a comment on Boby’s arrest.

But Rep. Hunter did release this statement about Boby: “He is a Marine Corps fellow–and I’ve had fellows for years and Peter has been a top notch performer. He’s a hero who’s seen combat, who’s been wounded and who’s been in good standing with the Marine Corps throughout. We are still getting the facts but this was most likely an accident. There’s no reason to suggest it was intentional.”

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