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Civilian Explanation for Wearing Uniform and Posing as a Soldier

Civilian poser dresses as soldier and gets confronted
Screenshot taken from the YouTube video

If you saw our post on Facebook on March 17th, you’ll see a lot of military members were fired up about civilians running around posing as military members.

Many commented on what they would have done if they’d met him instead of what these soldiers did in the video below.

The civilian in the video (right) has been located and interviewed in Modesto, California. His name is Jason Scott and when asked why he was wearing the uniform.

His reply, “I was just supporting my cousins and my family in the military. And to those who I upset and made mad, I do apologize,” Scott replied from his grandfather’s Modesto home.

Check out the original confrontation captured:

According to a recent news article,

“Two weeks ago, Scott, 22, was confronted by veterans on the Delta College campus for wearing an Airborne Rangers uniform. Scott never served in the military. The confrontation with campus veterans escalated, and eventually led to the arrest of one man by Delta College police officers for disturbing the peace and making threats.

Police later received threats from anonymous callers. Many from outraged vets who insisted Scott had broken the law and should have been the one arrested. Delta College police said Scott was within the law.

“[U.S. Attorney General’s office] states, there is no enforceable action we could have taken against [Scott] without violating his constitutional rights,” Delta College police officer Jim Bock explained.

Here’s where I start questioning things, he’s given a pass because he has PTSD? Okay, I know that this is a very serious disorder affecting many of our military families, but now he’s peddling this as an excuse for his behavior. Am I wrong? I’d love to get your opinions on this.

Watch the video below for footage of his interview below.


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  1. I’m sorry if this man wasn’t trying to offend anyone he wouldn’t of gone to the length that he did my opinion is he did it purely for attention evident by his surroundings at the time of the video he wanted attention but didn’t realize the How bad this charade had gotten until the vet stepped up and by lengths i mean the ranger patch because that’s a sure fire attention grabber

  2. This is a disgrace to my son and his wife and their brothers and sisters who have and or are currently serving in the military. We are to quick to let excuses explain away poor and stupid behavior. This person started the rucus when he put on the uniform that he has not earned the right to wear. I support my son who is a marine and my daughter who is retired air force. I think this person should have to pay a fine for starting this mess in the first place.

    • Although I agree with you that this person should not have been wearing the uniform I dont understand how he is to blame for this…before you get angry by that please think of this…your child is at school and has only hand me downs and not ‘the in thing’ so your child is now being threatened or bullied…by using the thinking that the man wearing the clothes is to blame for ‘starting’ the mess would the child also likewise be at fault? There are no laws left that say you cant impersonate a soldier but had the real soldiers simply kept their judgements to themselves and walked away the mess would not have started. Instead they chose to voice their opinions and escalate from there. No this man should have no excuse for wearing the uniform but there is also no excuse for how he was treated either.

      • The least he could have done is taken of the patches, that’s common sense, if my child, or brother, or anyone related to me was stupid enough, to wear the rank and all of the patches on the uniform, then they deserve this, this is stolen Valor, that’s a crime, I don’t see homeless men wearing patches and rank, when they could easily get it, no instead, like every other person who has common sense, when they find and or are give the uniforms, they take everything off. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he wouldn’t have has the patches on, this video is demonstrating his ignorance. He should be in prison right now under the stolen Valor Act, and they could have been, much, much worse. And no law huh?

  3. I am a veteran of two branches of the military and a oif/oef veteran 2003. I am offended when a civilian wears a military uniform! I can’t see how the police can say he has “a constitutional right” to wear a uniform and patches. If someone was to wear a police uniform and stand around drinking coffee, a real police man would arrest him for impersonating a police officer.I think the same should apply to military personnel! I gave 8 years of my life and have multiple joint problems as well as ptsd. If nothing else fine him about $5,000. I also think that money collected from crimes should go towards mental health for those who can’t afford it, clothing and food and medical care for children in foster care. Housing for homeless veterans.

  4. he’s a fucking lying ass hippie who is just using that as an excuse to disrespect our nation’s military. even if what he said was true, he still has no right to wear that. he needs to be in and have served to have the right to wear that uniform he is currently disrespecting.

  5. Just because it is not illegal, does not make it right.
    Things like this and like the guy on that singing show on tv, that wore a Marine Corps blouse like a sports coat not buttoned and sleeves rolled up and blue jeans are a disgrace to our service, to the military, they are an insult to the men and women that have died in that uniform. The instant I seen that fool singing on tv in that MARINE blouse I was insulted, I was mad at the show for just lettin him and for airing him, I haven’t watched that show since. Why people need the attention so bad as to wear a uniform just baffles me. Semper Fi!

    • I am retired Navy, and obviously did not have to give my life for my country. But I agree —just because something might be LEGAL doesn’t make it right. After serving 20 years, I am proud to be able to wear my dress blue uniform on Veteran’s Day and other special occasions. But someone who never served, or is pretending to be more than they really are, insults EVERYONE now in uniform , or everyone who ACTUALLY served!!!!

  6. I don’t know what he was doing, I’m uncomfortable with him wearing a uniform he didn’t earn. I suspect he probably would never be accepted into the military and am guessing he is probably envious of those us who have served. While I don’t condone his actions I feel a bit sorry for him.

    I doubt seriously he really understand what an affront it is to those of us who have served for someone to wear the uniform who has not earned the right. I think in his own way he was probably envious and wanted to feel what it was like to be a member of a brotherhood so respected.

    Semper Fi brothers!!

  7. Using PTSD as an excuse is pure garbage. How do you get Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at 3 yrs. old? It was pure disrespect to any member of the military to have proudly worn the uniform. He’s lucky to be able to walk away from the confrontation,which shows restraint by the vetrans to me. Those campus wannabe cops should be suspended for arresting the wrong person. That Jason should have been arrested for inciting the incident. Like he didn’t/wouldn’t notice that he’s a phony. Give me a break. By the way,I’m a Marine Corps vet.

  8. He should have been called out. I have totally stop going up to people and find out that they weren’t in. parents wearing shirts because the children are serving, that’s ok. he’s lucky he didn’t run in to my friend. he would have only five minutes to take his uniform off. I would tell guys, like my father told me when I failed the first phase at Camp McCall. it’s not for everyone.What’s wrong with being a cook, truck driver, supply. everyone wants to be a sniper.

  9. Nothing under the law? How about impersonation & fraud? If you go running around KC in a KCPD uniform, or KCMO in a KCMO PD uniform you’ll get arrested based on those charges.

  10. Well its one thing if the uniform was his dads or close family member, going around pretending your in the army and telling people that is a crime in my opinion. I do not think simply walking around in a Uniform is a bad thing I think its kinda cute then maby its a sign of respect.

  11. I have family who has served in the military,I myself plan on joining the Marine Corps as soon as I turn 18. But now I’m in Civil Air Patrol as well as the ROTC unit at my local high school and I do at times have to wear my uniforms in public. Now with that being said, I hAd a valid reason to wear the uniform but he did not. As far as I’m concerned he should have been arrested and made to issue a public apology in from of the entire campus

  12. This the same nut ass shit that i have just gotten done telling him all about him self for the things that he say about our vets ,and yes it is a none respect to all of us vets,and something needs to be done about it,because we as vets we love this country this is why we gave our all for it and no one is going to just stand bye an let a no good ass hold like jason show his disrespect to us vets at no time and we as vets will go the fuck off behind this type of shit so this jason ass hold had better think about what he is putting on the next time before he leaves his house,because this is not the only time that he is going to get confronted by us vets so cont on it jason ass hold

  13. this is the same ass that i comment about yesterday,and my land lord thanks that am being mean to this ass Jason; but no i know that am not am just being real as a real got dam vet and i stand with all the rest of my vets at all times because we are the only ones who will stand up for this country,and we don’t take any shit from any body when it come down to this country so i say to Jason;;;;;watch your self on what your ass put on before you leave your house dick head mother fucker .together we stand and fight for this good old USA and if you dont love it then get the fuck out because we as vets are going to stand up for this country and not no dam man talk bad about us.

  14. Let me begin by saying, I have the utmost respect for our United States soldiers, these men and women give themselves everyday for this country. With that being said, I do hope that you are all fully aware of the situation before you respond, Scott has PTSD, which is an anxiety disorder, which is most known for our returning soldiers, and what they endured for our country. But don’t be naive to the fact that any person can develop PTSD, it can come from sexual assault, such as rape, serious injury, or the threat of death, as many of our soldiers experience on the front line. This is directed to those who commented that at the age of 3, he could not have developed PTSD, if you have ever taken a psychology course you know that you can develop PTSD at an early age, for you can be sexually assualted, seriously hurt, or nearly die at such a young age. Lastly, to the argument that he should be legally reprimanded, what you are talking about has context WITHIN the military, not outside of it. The man is not under the UCMJ or whatever acronym you want to throw out. Your supposed offense is grossly out of context and has no bearing on the actual facts of the matter at hand.

  15. Okay if we forget that this fucktard went out of his way to specifically buy certain tabs, brassards, and patches and dis not stop himself while he was putting these items on his uniform and say “Gee maybe this is wrong morally” now some people are saying he has handme downs and suffers from PTSD. I get it, it does not only affect the military but this has nothi g to do with the retarded shit that went through his head when he purchased said items and put them on. This country is so quick to blame shit on a disorder or some other reason instead of blaming themselves for being idiots. And the fact that people like those vets lay down their lives to preserve and defend the right to act that way is purely disgusting. If this jackass had tried that shit somewhere else he would have been shot or stoned to death. How about intead of giving everyone a trophy we make people acvountable for their actions?

  16. I have to agree with Mr. Landers above; if you wear a police uniform, even without the sidearm, that is impersonating a police officer and punishable by law. However, for some whacko to dress up like a soldier, sailor, Marine or whatever, it is not against the law. Why? Vets put their lives on the line like police officers do. Once I was a student at the University of Wyoming, I saw a long-haired, bearded and dirty young creep wearing a U.S Marine Class A green uniform blouse with Gunnery Sergeant chevrons. The blouse was all unbuttoned and his filthy hair dragged across the collar every time he moved. As a former Marine, it really pissed me off. There were perhaps 10 or 12 of them in a group and I was late for a class. How I wish, in retrospect, that I had gone to him and asked him to at least remove the chevrons and the buttons, but I didn’t. If some civilian wants to wear a T-shirt depicting any armed services logo with MY BROTHER IS A MARINE or whatever, that’s fine. There should most definitely be a law against wearing all or part of ANY military uniform by anyone who has never had military service. This strikes me as just another indication that our own government mostly doesn’t give a shit about our nations veterans. As stubborn and old as I am today, should I encounter another hippie-looking creep dishonoring our vets by wearing a military uniform, I would be crazy enough to tell him to remove it before I beat the shit out of him with my cane…

  17. I’m currently 18 fully committed to joining the U.S. Army and I was recently stopped by a man who claims to be a veteran but had no proof and was harrased by said veteran, I was wearing U.S. fatigues and U.S. army patches that say U.S. Army and nothing else that I have recently purchased to show my dedication to wanting to serve (shortly will be attending a boot camp shortly) but I was wondering who was I was in the wrong I mean I meant no disrespect I was just wondering if it was ok?


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