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I May Have Just Killed Christmas Spirit


So you know the popular Elf on the Shelf product? Yes we have one — Mr. Jingles is his name.  He doesn’t do anything fun or silly or creative, he just watches.  Yes watches and tattles to Santa each and every night and hides in a new spot.  We had to go to my husband’s work party and we knew the Santa would be there.  In fact, Santa is one of the Gunner’s at my husband’s work, so my husband devised a brilliant plan to work in Mr. Jingles observed behavior of the kids to Santa.

I decided to take it a bit further all in fun.  Because nothing looks more official than a Mr. Jingles report in an envelope for Santa to open.  Right?  Wrong.  My poor seven year old.  His note read “Little man has been fighting a lot with his little sissy. Sometimes he takes toys away from her and tells her no. He does not listen to his mommy all the time and has to tell him several times to get things done.  He could be brushing his teeth a lot better”.

Take a look at the video from Santa opening Mr. Jingles note…

A Meeting with Santa

Notice how his head was looking down the whole time? Poor guy — I think he felt bad being guilted by Santa. After the meeting was over I asked him if Santa had asked him what he wanted for Christmas? He answered no, that Santa never asked him what he wanted for Christmas. Strike TWO for parents! I think we need a redo on a visitation with Santa. The one positive? He reread his note from Mr. Jingles the next morning and said that he needed to be nicer to his sister.

Lesson Learned: Utilize the Elf on the Shelf for a fun eye spy and occasional reminder that Santa’s watching!

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