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Caught on Camera: Marine vet riding his bike, brutally attacked by carload of teens


Police in Clearwater, Florida are looking for a group of teens who assaulted a Marine vet while he was riding his bike.

“Someone reached out of the car…I felt blood begin to rush,” 44-year-old Derek Queener said. Queener rides his bike to and from work each day and was coming home from a job last week when he was attacked in broad daylight, in a seemingly safe residential neighborhood.

Marine vet attacked Clearwater Florida

What the suspects didn’t know was that one of the houses on the block had a hidden camera, which was rolling when the brutal, unprovoked attack occurred.

Everything happened so quickly as the teens pulled up right next to Queener, who sustained serious injuries. He says the vision in his left eye is still blurry and he has broken bones in his face.  Queener thought he was punched at first, but a second look at the surveillance video indicates the attackers may have used a bat to strike him.

They sped away, but not before taunting him.  Queener told WFTV:  “(They) yelled out, ‘How you do like that m***********?’”

They apparently thought it was funny, he said.

Less than 24 hours later a handy man was reportedly attacked on the same block. That incident was also caught on video and it’s believed the same group was behind it. The victim in that case says the teens yelled a racial slur at him.

Police are looking for a silver or grey Jeep Compass with black rims and “after market ground effect package.”

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