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CAA USA Releases Micro Conversion Kits for Smith and Wesson Handguns


CAA USA, a designer, and manufacturer of modern-day tactical accessories has released the 3rd generation of the Micro Conversion Kits (MCK) or a Micro Roni, also referred to as Mini Roni. These sidearm conversion kits can convert a regular Glock or handgun to a sidearm shotgun that can be fired by placing at shoulders.

They allow inserting a Glock into the product’s polymer shell and use it as a rifle by increasing the body size and stock to shoulder it. Besides increasing the length, a Glock conversion kit also enhances the features. It allows adding multiple accessories, including lights, optics, slide arms, etc.

Through shoulder straps and extremely convenient fitting, these kits make it easier to use a Glock for both short and long-range shooting and that too at high accuracy and quick succession.

The latest models of the MCKs are crafted explicitly for the popular range of Smith and Wesson (S&W) handguns. The manufacturer has announced three models: S&W Shield, S&W M&P 4, and the S&W SDVE. Due to the sheer popularity of S&W handguns and the adoption of Micro Roni kits and MCK, all three models became a quick success. Besides this new line of products, CAA USA also increased the range of accessories by adding the new Glass Breaker and Bayonet.

While announcing the release of the new products, Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA USA, also addressed the common myth that the Micro Roni kit or MCK is exclusively for Glocks and nothing else. He said they also have designs for S&W’s, Sig Sauer, and Springfield’s models.

The S&W Shield is the subcompact, law enforcement preferred, and the thinnest model ever, according to the company. The MCK features a magazine button for catch or release, a 2nd Gen stabilizer, and a Picatinny rail top made of aluminum.

The second release, S&W M&P 4, resulted from increasing demand from the S&W fans. CAA USA had already released Micro Conversion Kits for both 3.6” and 4.5” models of the handguns. However, the fans demanded a new model for M&P 4 as well, and here they have it. This MCK model comprises the same features as the S&W Shield.

The last release with the same features as the other two is developed for the S&W SD9VE pistol. When this pistol was launched back in 2012, its Self Defense Trigger made it a preferred and common pistol to carry. CAA USA has developed models compatible with both 9mm and .40 calibers.

Coming to the accessory line, the two new products are released to complete all the MCKs and not just the S&W models. The Glass Breaker is made to help during any emergency or tactical situation. It is made of aluminum. What makes this product ideal for emergencies is its ability to quickly attach to the barrel regardless of the MCK’s make and model. Thus, it becomes the right fit for a tactical situation.

The MCK Bayonet is also an aluminum accessory with a length of 4”. It can be attached on top of the sidearm conversion kit. The easy attachment on the existing flashlight mount makes it a great customization option on an MCK. This thorn-style edition comes with a sleek design and black-colored finish to eliminate any reflection.

The 3rd Generation MCK and all the existing Micro Roni models enhance the capabilities of Glocks and handguns. They bring the best of both small and large-sized guns. However, they need to be handled with great care. Also, someone using a Glock conversion kit or an MCK needs to have the license to use it.

There is a rise in the use of conversion kits to make ghost guns. Some criminals are using it as a way to execute the crime. Hence, the government is trying to regulate the use of such conversion kits to prevent crimes. However, this does not make it a crime to buy or have an MCK with you.

People can still purchase and even use an MCK or a Micro Roni for hunting or shooting purposes. The only need is to register the resultant weapon with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). For instance, if the size of the MCK makes the Glock a short-barreled rifle (SBR), the gun needs to be registered as an SBR with ATF. That means you will need to register it as a Glock and an SBR and pay the taxes accordingly. Hence, check with a solicitor and local law enforcers to find out the rules and regulations in your state to use an MCK.

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