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Brigadier-General Board dismantled by Navy Secretary over concerns over nepotism


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The original fiscal 2016 brigadier-general promotion board met in Sept 2014, but not everyone was doing things on the up and up.

That board had to be dismantled to make room for a new one that was not marred by nepotism.

Several months into the selection process, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus reportedly learned that one of the promotion board members was related to a Marine up for his first star.

One of the selection board members was related to a colonel who was up for advancement, according to a memo obtained by Marine Corps Times. Navy and Marine Corps officials will not release the identities of the board member or the officer involved.

Navy Capt. Patrick McNally, Mabus’ spokesman, says their actions were in violation of the guidelines.

“Federal law and the regulations pertaining to promotion selection boards require they act without prejudice or partiality and act to maintain the integrity and independence of the promotion selection board,” Mabus wrote.

The secretary called for a new board to meet and ordered the members not to review or consider any of the original panel’s recommendations, the Times article said.

Five months after the original board met, a new one was reconvened that resulted in the brigadier-general promotion selection message, which was released in May 2015. The message announced that 10 Marine colonels would pin on their first stars in fiscal 2016.

Just before the new board was reconvened, Mabus also issued a memo to the Navy and Marine Corps ‘laying out new screening rules for promotion boards in order to prevent future problems’.

The memo specifically restricts officers from serving on a selection board considering a military spouse or relative for promotion,” McNally said.

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