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Body Armor for Women: Protecting Military Spouses and Veterans


Stealth Vest bullet proof kevlar body armor for women females military spouses milispouse veteranMilitary spouses are often left behind when their servicemember is at work training or deployed for long periods of time. Do you feel safe while your spouse is away? I know I’m not alone in wanting more protection and education when it comes to safeguarding our family, especially if there is an intruder. Maybe you’re a female veteran who desires additional protection for home or work. Our friends at SafeGuard have answers for you.

Did you know that there is body armor specifically designed for a woman’s body? For years, bullet proof vests were not designed with a woman’s body in mind, but over the years, the need has been heard and met. Why it’s important: a vest designed for a male will not provide women with optimum protection. Maybe you’re a woman with an ample chest. If a woman with a large chest wears a Kevlar vest that was designed to be worn by a male, her breasts will become squished and may become exposed out of the sides of the vest. This can create a dangerous situation for the wearer because the exposure could lead to a woman being shot in the exposed area.

Safeguard is proud to offer vests which are specifically designed to be as strong and durable as the male counterparts. Even better, they are made with streamlined stitching to ensure that the edges do not scratch the woman’s skin. The darting used to create the female vets is different than that used in a vest for males to ensure the vest will fit over a woman’s chest comfortably. Four panels of material are often stitched together to create a female vest for not only comfort, but also to provide optimal protection to stay safe during a home invasion.

You’re interested in a vest, what now? It’s important that you take some time to try vests on for optimal fit. You want to ensure mobility with ease where you don’t feel constrained. This is important because any restrictions could limit your ability to protect yourself during an attack. Most vests have Velcro which helps provide adjustment to ensure a tight fit at all times; a great option for women whose weight naturally fluctuates and provides adjustment quickly ensure protection. Finally, when trying on vests, make sure the vest is snug and will tight to where it doesn’t move around on you. A vest that fits well, provides the wearer with the maximum protection possible. If yf you’re interested in ordering, please call 888-958-0168 as products aren’t shown online.

If you’re interested in researching options for women’s body armor, make sure you check out Safeguard Armor, the premium manufacturers, designers and suppliers of body armor in the US.

Disclosure: We received a Safeguard Vest to review. All opinions expressed in this piece are genuine and my own. 

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