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Best Veteran’s Day Discounts and Freebies


Did you catch my post over at the Daily Caller? We had one of the best little getaways thanks to our friends at Better Way to Stay: B&B for Vets Program. Here’s the introduction…


It was an unexpected welcome. These guys don’t ask for anything and they sure don’t expect a thank you. Both prior enlisted, both Majors in the Infantry with a combined fourteen deployments, and another possible half dozen on the horizon. These guys are hard chargers and love being United States Marines, and for them, that is reward enough.

These guys are also married, each with two children. They know the importance of saying “yes” to their wives when they’re so used to hearing no, maybe and I’m not sure from of the constraints of their military lifestyle. They recognize that life is just as difficult for the families who remain behind and maintain the family and household, but trudge forward with no award or recognition for the years of service and sacrifices made.

I’d like to think this is why Better Way to Stay’s B&B for Vets program was started. We are just a few of the many families towing the line for America, without any expectation of receiving anything back.

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