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I’ve Got Orders and I’m Moving to Okinawa Japan

What will I need to move to Okinawa Japan?

Documents: You will need a lot of documents before you hop a flight to Okinawa.  You will need: Passports for everyone in your family; PCS orders on hand, area clearance paperwork, and shot records. These are the big 4 that you will need to have…

Suggestions to Bring: You get two shipments: Standard and Express. Housing will provide washers and dryers for you and will not remove them. So if you bring your own, you will be responsible for storing the old ones.

Express: Microwave, anything you use on a weekly basis such as dishes, coffee pot, pot/pan set, cookie sheets, etc. Anything you use on a regular basis like photography, scrapbooking, etc.

Standard: Carpet padding and rugs, main bed and one couch. Leather can mold, so try to bring a fabric one.

Moving with Pets to Okinawa

Pets: There are a lot of rules when it comes to bringing your beloved pet overseas. You must really be committed and prepared to bring your pets with you to Okinawa.  The only veterinary clinic on base is on Kadena Air Base. There are several veterinary practices off base, but it is more expensive. Click to get an extensive explanation of bringing your pets over to Okinawa.  As a side note, the Sago Palm is a poisonous plant that grows readily in Okinawa. It is poisonous to animals and humans.

Kadena AFB has a great list regarding your pets and has a lot of great information.

Paperwork: Click to find a list and helpful hints of all the paperwork necessary to bring your beloved animals with you.

Major Airports ~ Flying into Okinawa

What airport should I fly into to get into Okinawa Japan Marine Corps Base?

If you’re relocating, most choose to fly on the Patriot Express into Kadena Air Force Base (click here for tips flying Space A) out of Seattle, Washington. The only other choice would be to receive an allowance and pay out of pocket for the route you would like.

Okinawa (OKA): The only airport located in Naha, the major city and capital of Okinawa. This is on the southern end of the island. Thanks to the new part of the tollway it takes only 30 minutes to get to the airport from Foster and cost about 350 yen. You can take the regular road but the drive can take over an hour easy.

Almost all flights to and from the states will connect to an ANA (All Nippon Airways) orJAL (Japan Airlines) flight from Tokyo or Kansai. These are the two large international carriers.

Asiana Airlines flies from the states but connects through Seoul before coming to Okinawa.

China Air connects through Taipai before coming to Okinawa.

The airport does have a small international terminal for flights going from Okinawa to other places in Asia. At this time there is no direct service from the US to Okinawa.