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Cafe Wine and Coffee Shops in Okinawa Japan Marine Corps Base



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British Tea and Wine Shop: Wonderful little cafe where a variety of fresh items are available daily.  Children are welcome. Open from 11:00am-6:00pm (please call just in case they close early!) No coffee available. Closed Fridays. 098-047-7133 (John and Maki both speak excellent English)  Izumi Motobu-cho, Okinawa, Japan 905-0221

Hearth Cafe:  Sandwiches, salads in a coffeehouse setting. Very small restaurant. Open daily from 11:00am-8:00pm.

Patisserie Porushe: Beautiful breads and croissant cafe and coffee house.

Trasit Café: Cafe and bar with fantastic views. Indoor and outdoor seating. English menu available. Open for lunch from 12:00pm-3:00pm. Cafe is open from 3:00pm-6:00pm and bar from 6:00pm-2:00am.  Closed twice a month. Directions:  From Kadena Gate 1. Hang a left on 58. Turn right at the Pizza In/gentleman’s massage plaza. Go all the way to the end of the street. Turn right at the sea wall. Transit Cafe is up the stairs, about the second building on the right.

Petit Voyage: A French restaurant with great soups, breads and desserts. Open from 12:00pm-10:00pm.  Closed Mondays. Directions: From Camp Foster, turn right out of the Legion or PX Gate. Pass Cafe Unizon, House of 66 Cents and head down the hill towards 58. Pass a soul/R&B bar. Look out for bright yellow and bright blue storefronts. That’s it. There’s a small sign w/ an airplane on it placed on the sidewalk that says Petit-Voyage. You can park in the street in front.

JiJi Café: Great coffee, salads and soups. Open 11:30am-12:00am. Closed Thursday. 098-987-7515  Directions:  From Foster PX Gate: Turn left onto 330. Pass Plaza Shopping Center. Turn RIGHT at Awase Golf Course (you’ll see the nets. Camp Butler on left side of street.) Count 4 lights (including the one on 330) and it will be on your left hand side of the road after a pizza place. If you’ve gone down the hill to the love hotels it’s too far. There’s parking in the front, but if it’s full, make a left at the light and park in the little driveway immediately on the left. From Kadena Gate 2: Same as above, but turn right onto 330 and left at Awase.

Neko House:  Fresh smoothies (around 500 yen) soups, salads, a la carte items.  Open 12:00pm-12:00am (last order 11:00pm).  Closed Wed/Thur.  Directions: Leaving Foster Commissary Gate turn right onto 58 going north. Almost immediately you’ll see a Lawson’s on your left hand side. Turn left on the road just before the Lawson’s. Neko Smoothie is caty-corner from Lawson’s covered in scaffolding. There’s a vacant lot next to it. You can park there. Just be careful because there are tiny metal spikes (marked w/ green) in it where they are doing construction (I imagine this vacant lot will not be vacant in a few months, in which case I’d guess parking on the street would be your best bet.) You should see a banner with a cartoon cat on it outside also the smoothie listings if it’s open!

Big Dip: Ice Cream shop located next to the “garlic restaurant”.

Tiffany’s: A coffee & lunch stop with fantastic drinks and desserts. It’s extremely welcoming and cozy.  Open from 11:00am-11:00pm. Open for dinner, but more of a lunch place. 098-957-1232 & 098-956-1258. Directions: Close to Torii Station’s front gate. Take 58 north and turn left at Route 6 (or take the red bridge way to 6…notice the new Starbuck’s that’s going up there, but don’t be lured in when it’s finished…keep on to Tiffany’s). Pass the Torii Station main gate and 6 will kind of slope downhill. Start looking for a black sign with Cafe Tiffany written in cursive on the right hand side of the road.  Turn right at the sign onto a little side street. Then make your first left. Tiffany’s will be right there on the left. You can park in front of it.

Sabani: Fanstastic little restaurant with a variety of sandwiches, soups, and whatnot… tucked behind a pottery store. Open 12:00pm-11:00pm. 098-939-8413. Directions: If you go out gate 2 Street of Kadena you will see the Optical store (the one with a giant pair of red glasses on front) turn left down that street. About 2 or 3 blocks down you will see a parking lot to the left and you can park there. You hand over the keys and pay when you come back. This restaurant is right across the street from this parking lot.

Okinawa offers many restaurant recommendations, so we’ve moved the restaurant guide to its own page.  Many of these recommendations came from Okinawa Hai, a great place for a more in-depth look into the Okinawa lifestyle.  Please check them out for a more detailed experience of the restaurants and photos.


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