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Naval and Marine Corps Housing

There are a string of bases in the San Diego area who share housing:  MCRD San Diego, MCAS Miramar, NB San Diego, NB Coronado, and NB Point Loma.  That means if you are stationed at Miramar and want to live on base, you don’t necessarily have to live on Miramar.  If you do choose to live on Miramar, this page is for Miramar base exclusively.

Housing Rentals Off Base for Miramar

The BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing zip 92145) is fair for this area. There are beautiful homes and condos off base.  If you are interested in renting, it will most likely be in a safe area as this is an affluent community.  This area has also been recently affected by
forest fires, so check around the area for any signs of smoke/water damage if renting or being surrounded in a neighborhood instead of isolated in the foothills.

Utility Costs off Base

Remember that utilities in California are spendy.  It is not uncommon to have a $300 electric bill in the summer.

Miramar Military Base Housing

Almost all of the base housing has been remodeled or is currently in the works.  Living in a neighborhood on base is great!  The housing on base is nice, utilities are free and friends are right next door.  We have a lot of pools on the Marine Corps base here and many  activities are hosted as well.  It is much easier to make friends when you live on base and have each other to lean on when your spouse gets deployed!  If you don’t live on base, there are some great options out in town. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for your own utilities and you lose out on the military community.

The following neighborhoods are provided by base housing, but are not actually located on the base.

Miramar Military Housing which is located off base:

Officer Housing

Canyon View at Murphy Canyon Military Housing Community.  Click for Housing Maps, Housing Photos and Housing floor plans. W1 to O5. 2 pets allowed.

Enlisted Housing

Aero Ridge at Murphy Canyon Military Housing Community. Click for Housing Maps, Housing Photos, and Housing Floor plans. E1 to E9. 2 pets allowed.

The following on base houses are located on the base of Miramar.

Officer Housing

Miramar Capehearts West: W1-O5. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths in all homes. Comes with washers and dryers. 2 pets allowed.

Miramar Townhomes: W1-03. No pets allowed. 2 or 3 bedroom homes.

Enlisted Housing Neighborhoods

Mira Mesa Ridge: E4-E6. No air conditioning. They have attached garages and patios. No dogs, one cat is allowed.

Miramar Capehearts East: E6-E9. 2 pets allowed. Air conditioning is included  as well as washers and dryers.

Miramar Milcon: E1-E9. No pets allowed.

Miramar PQs: E1-E6. 2 pets allowed. Comes with washers and dryers. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath homes. Has A/C and attached garage.

Miramar Townhomes: E1-E6. No pets allowed. 2 or 3 bedroom homes.

Relocation Assistance Program

Click for more information.