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I’ve Got Orders and am Moving to Iwakuni, Japan

What will I need to move to Iwakuni Japan?


You will need a lot of documents before you hop a flight to Iwakuni. You will need:  Passports for everyone in your family; PCS orders on hand, area clearance paperwork, and shot records. These are the big 4 that you will need to have…

Family Representative

When you move to Iwakuni, you will be paired up with another family of the same rank to help show you the ropes. This is a great way to get questions answered and meet other people in the area.

Suggestions to Bring

You get two shipments:  Standard and Express. Housing will provide washers and dryers for you and will not remove them. So if you bring your own, you will be responsible for storing the old ones.

Express: Microwave, anything you use on a weekly basis such as dishes, coffee pot, pot/pan set, cookie sheets, etc. Anything you use on a regular basis like photography, scrapbooking, etc.

Standard: Carpet padding and rugs, main bed and one couch. Leather can mold, so try to bring a fabric one.

Moving with Pets to Iwakuni Japan Marine Corps Base


There are a lot of rules when it comes to bringing your beloved pet overseas. You must really be committed and prepared to bring your pets with you to Iwakuni. There is a vet on base at Iwakuni. Click here to get an extensive explanation of bringing your pets over to Iwakuni. The Sago Palm is a poisonous plant that grows readily in Iwakuni. It is poisonous to animals and humans!

Major Airports ~ Flying into Iwakuni Japan

Which airport should I fly into to get to Iwakuni Japan Marine Corps Base?

Click to read about commercial service will start at the airport in 2012 with a civilian airport terminal built to accommodate commercial flights. It is projected that up to 430,000 passengers will use the airport. Airline carrier, All Nippon Airways (ANA), 4 flights a day from Haneda, Tokyo Airport.

Option 1 (Preferred Route): Traveling to MCAS Iwakuni is via the AMC “Patriot Express” flight that lands directly aboard the base. If you are not using the Patriot Express, for whatever reason, then you will be coming via one of the following commercial routes:

Option 2: Tokyo-Narita International Airport to Hiroshima Airport:

You can fly directly from the U.S. to Narita International Airport, and transfer to the one daily late afternoon domestic flight to Hiroshima Airport. Flight times vary seasonally, but it generally leaves around 1745 and takes about 1.5 hrs to reach Hiroshima. Since this flight arrives late in the afternoon, it is very likely that the currency exchange and information counters will be closed when you arrive, therefore it is imperative that you bring enough Japanese Yen for the remainder of your journey to Iwakuni. NOTE: You must go through customs at Narita and recheck luggage for the flight to Hiroshima. The planes from Narita to Hiroshima are small, so pack accordingly, as large or heavy luggage may present a problem. Refer to “Hiroshima to Iwakuni” for remainder of trip. For information about the airport, click to view Tokyo-Narita International Airport.

Option 3: Tokyo-Narita Intl Airport to Tokyo Haneda Domestic Airport to Hiroshima Airport:

You can fly into Tokyo Narita and transfer by bus to Tokyo Haneda Domestic Airport, which has numerous daily flights to Hiroshima. The bus ride can take up to 2 hours depending on Tokyo traffic, and you must first clear customs at Tokyo Narita and collect all bags to take with you. Bus tickets for the trip can be bought at the airport bus desk near the terminal exit point, and most staff members speak English and can direct you how to get to the correct waiting area for the next available bus. Note: If you have pets, you will most likely give them up at Narita Airport baggage pickup for quarantine and onward travel later to Iwakuni. Refer to “Hiroshima to Iwakuni” for remainder of trip.

Option 4: Osaka Kansai International Airport to Shin Iwakuni:

You can fly in to Osaka Kansai Intl Airport, then take the Shin (bullet train) to Iwakuni. After clearing customs in Osaka, you must collect your bags and purchase tickets at the JR ticket station just after exiting the airport (1 floor up after departing baggage claim). Purchase your tickets for both the local train and Shinkansen (Shin) train rides to Shin Station Iwakuni. The cost is approximately $110 Adult and $55 child 6-11. Children 5 and under are free, but do not get a seat (they will sit on your lap). It takes about 45 minutes to go from the airport to the Shin station on the Haruka/Kansai Express train. Once at the Shin Station, you can board the fastest Shin Train (called a Nozomi) and travel to Hiroshima Shin Station (About 2.5 hrs) where you will transfer to another Shin Train (Kodama) for the remaining 20 minute ride to Shin Iwakuni Station, which is about a 30-40 minute car/taxi ride from base. Refer to the “Shinkansen Travel” instructions for more detailed information. For more info about the airport, here is a link to the Osaka Kansai International Airport.


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