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Family Representative

When you move to Hawaii, you will be paired up with another family of the same rank to help show you the ropes. This is a great way to get questions answered and meet other people in the area.

Commissary: You can do your grocery shopping on base and you will save a lot of money from going out in town. Open 7 days a week 10:00am-6:00pm Sat-Mon and 10:00am-7:00pm Tue-Fri.Exchange: There are 4 bases all with their own exchange so if you are an MCX (Marine Corps Exchange), NEX (Navy Exchange), AAFES (Air Force Exchange) shopper, you’ll be in heaven…the NEX is about 5 years old and is the most amazing exchange I have seen…the MCX aboard Kaneohe is small but wonderful…I love it!

Homestore: Located next to the Exchange and is called the Annex.

Off Base Shopping: There are few chain stores available by the base. However, they just opened two Targets recently. If you keep an open mind and look around at smaller stores, you may walk away with some real treasures.  


The government will pay to ship one of your vehicles to Hawaii. If you want to ship more than one vehicle it will be at your expense. From the west coast it will cost around $1,000 and from the east coast it will cost around $2,000. The price depends on the type of vehicle you are shipping. Some families opt to store their second vehicle on the mainland. It is possible to survive a tour with one vehicle especially if you live on base. For those that prefer two vehicles, many opt to purchase an inexpensive vehicle (an island car) from the lemon lot on base.

Events: There is always something going on in Hawaii. Even if you want to stay low key, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, boating, or just read a book on the beach. MCCS is always arranging for base events, so check the local calendar for the latest news.

Bowling Alley: 100% smoke free facility featuring 24 lanes and video games. They offer Xtreme bowling (also known as Cosmic Bowling) Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. There’s also Strikers Grill and Tap located inside the bowling alley as well.

Golf Course: This is the number one voted Department of Defense golf course in the world!  The Kaneohe Klipper is an 18 hole championship golf course complete with driving range, putting green and chipping green. This golf course is right on the beach and has amazing views.

Movie Theater: Because of the close vicinity of other bases, all active duty Marine Corps personnel get the first opportunity to get tickets. If you want to see a movie, you need to plan to get there early for tickets.

One hour and 45 minutes prior to the movie, tickets will be issued to first priority patrons waiting in line. Tickets will be issued corresponding to priority group.

One hour and 30 minutes prior to the movie showing the doors will open and Active Duty (priority one) patrons with appropriate colored tickets will be admitted.

First Priority – Active duty members and their families assigned to duty aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Single active duty members will be allowed one guest.

Second Priority – Members of the Armed Forces from other bases and stations on Oahu, retirees and their families.

Third Priority – DoD civilians and other authorized guests.

Tiki Island: This is a fun filled place on base for the family complete with bumper boats, miniature golf, and batting cages

Aquatics: Get ready to enjoy the water in Hawaii. A brand new year round pool (main pool) has just been opened on base and there are 4 other pools to utilize on base as well.

USMC Marina: Rentals are available for sailing boats, pontoon boats and powerboats. Take a fishing or water-skiing trip, go kayaking and windsurfing.  Sailing classes are taught year round. There are also two boat ramps for private boat owners and docks as well.

Surf Conditions: The latest surf conditions from those in the know.

Information Tickets and Tours (ITT): Get discounted tickets on area activities and events.

Food on base: There are several chain restaurants on base. Some chain restaurants include Church’s Chicken, Chow Mein Express, Dairy Queen/Orange Julius, McDonalds, Subway, Papa Johns, Starbucks and more.